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What episode is it that Bo and Luke were naked?

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They go skinny dipping a lot, but in "Ghost of the General Lee" they run around without their clothes after thier car is stolen. Hence why no one sees them and they think they're dead.

Also, in "Deputy Dukes," they chase two girls who ran off with their clothes and money after tricking them into skinny dipping. Rosco catches them and gives them a number of charges including "indecent exposure." Later, they steal a car from the girls who tricked them.

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In Ghost of General Lee, somebody does see them naked. The nude scenes were deleted by TNN. First they are chased away from a clothes line by a growling Rottweiller. The next scene of theirs deleted was when Bo and Luke approach this beautiful girl at the window of her bedroom and ask if they can borrow some clothes (her pa's clothes), but the girls mother comes up from behind them in obvious view of their butts. The mother orders her daughter sternly in to the house and then she chews out the Duke Boys. "I don't know what you two are up to, but every time you DUkes come around here, my hens quit layin and my cow goes dry, now GIT!!" When Bo and Luke leave, their dialogue is as follows:

BO: Why are we runnin around lookin for clothes?

LUKE: I don't know, but I learned somethin. A man ain't truly been insulted until he's stood buck nekkid in front of a woman and she don't even notice.

BO: Or care.

I remembered this scene from years ago, Tom and John discussed the scene on John's video Behind the Scenes With Bo, and the DVD boxset has these scenes included.

Hope this helps.



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