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Roth Potter

H0 1/87 1969 or 1968 Dodge Charger?

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One of my other hobbies Is model railways, but since a few months I'm adding to that model cars. These cars are the same scale as my trains and will drive on the same 'table' landscape as my trains.


For this I need cars to transform to drivable, obviously... These are made using regular 1/87 H0 cars.

My landscape is based on the Netherlands from in between 1995 and now, so most cars will be European. But I really want a 1969 or 1968 Dodge Charger for it.

I have a feeling my 'European' Google has only been looking in Europe as all its results were in Europe. But none were even in the scale 1/87 or a model car. The only thing I saw was a 1/87 3d printed solid model without colour or wheels.


Now my question is, could anyone from outside Europe give it a try to see if they can find anything?

I would be greatful, thanks In advance

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Thanks for that! It´s not the best detailed car for what I need but if I can´t find a better one I could certainly do it with something like that. I need to modify the frame anyway.


For now I´ll continue my search and hope to find a proper one but this might do the trick.

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