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Anita Blackwell/Blackwood

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Earlier today I watched the Reunion movie Hazzard in Hollywood, I really liked seeing it again. For some reason I always find it better than Reunion 1, maybe because it's more like how they could be now instead of the same but 12 years later.

Anyway, that's not why I make this topic.

As you probably know Anita Cochran plays in this movie as Luke's old love, she is said to be sent to Nashville by Luke to start her music career. Clearly she is supposed to play herself with a different early background.

According to IMDB she plays as Blackwood while other sources say Blackwell, I'm a bit confused about this but I'm way more confused about why they changed her last name in the movie?! Anyone got a clue why both Toby Keith and Anita are in this movie but only Anita's got a surname change and Toby not?

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