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We have a new family member!


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This is Troy. We adopted him today! He's a yellow lab/basset hound mix, looks like he might have a little beagle thrown in. We call him a labradasset. LOL. He's certainly living up to his basset heritage right now. He's been snoozing most of the day after bringing him home. Probably all that stress of being in a shelter and traveling. He's a very mellow fellow, very cuddly, and so far, very quiet. He's made himself right at home on our old couch and he's welcome to it. (I think he's already figured out he's going to get spoiled.) I think Flash would certainly approve of this little guy.



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Lucky dog!

He doesn't know it yet but he's going to live a life full of love.

He sure looks right at home in the pic where he's sleeping.

Congratulations on the new addition to the family.

He's absolutely perfect. And he's a very lucky dog.

Every so often, he'll wake up and look at me like "I'm here to stay, right? You're not going to shuffle me off to someone else tomorrow, right?"

He's so mellow. (In fact, one of our nicknames for him is Mellow Yellow. LOL.) I was sitting next to him, talking on the phone, and stroking his chin. He fell asleep so deeply that he started dreaming.

I think he'll adapt very quickly to life around here. We're laid back and he seems very laid back. We occasionally like to hike a nature trail or walk at the lake and he seems like he'd be up for that too.

On the way home from adopting him, we stopped at Petco. When I came back out to the car from paying for a few things, he had hopped over into the front passenger seat, curled up nice and comfy. My hubby looked at me from the driver's side and I said "Guess I'm sitting in the back seat on the way home." He just said "Yep." LOL. Already "the boys" are conspiring against me. LOL.

The next door neighbor kids already love him. Troy tried to crawl up into their truck (they were leaving on vacation) and the kids tried to help him. LOL! We definitely put a stop to THAT! No absconding with our new puppy.

It's been a whirlwind. It hasn't even been 24 hours since I found out about this little guy and in that time, I contacted the rescue folks, filled out an application, they flew him here from back east, and we met him at the adoption event. It all went so smoothly and quickly, like it was just meant to be.

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I commend you both for act of love, I live here on my farm and occasionally get dogs and cats are left to live and be happy. We have 5 dogs: CHARLOTTE, TITO, JUNIOR, TIN AND KING, plus 2 cats, Timoti and dew.

the company is very good animal.



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Little Troy boy had his first vet visit today. They fawned all over him. He was the talk of the vet office. :) He's such a wonderful little guy, we're so glad we found him. He's just pure joy!

Oh, and we heard him bark for the first time yesterday. Would you believe a deep basset hound bark comes out of that little body? LOL. Sounds a lot like Flash.


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