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photo of "welcome to Hazzard county" sign anyone?


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Hi All, I'm new here! I am arranging a Dukes of Hazzard 40th birthday party for my dear hubbie in 5 weeks time. I am getting a big canvas banner made to look like the "Welcome to Hazzard County" sign but I haven't been able to find an actual image of it - can anyone help me? I want it to be as authentic as possible.

I have confederate bunting, confederate flags and a big flagpole, a dozen strawbales, moonshine punch etc etc all sorted. We are even going to have our bright orange 1970's VW camper van dressed up as The General Lee's big daddy! I am going as Daisy, my hubbie as Bo, our son as Roscoe and our 3tr old daughter as a young Daisy!

Its going to be great fun but I really want to get the sign right.

I plan to sell it, the bunting and flags as a package on ebay or here after the party.

Any help gratefully recieved!!:D

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Thanks guys, these are great. They are pretty plain aren't they? I was kinda hoping for the font they use for the Hazzard in the title screens. I love the exit one tho! Right, off to order now!

Did you really think that Boss Hogg would pay for fancy signs? :)

In case you didn't know, the font used in the opening titles is called 'Hobo'. It's freely available if you Google it. I haven't done any of these in the Signs of Hazzard thread, but I can tell you from experience that pretty much all the signs in Dukes were done by hand, so don't waste time looking for an exact font match.

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