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I am on both facebook and the website LOL. Love them both. Brian posts some pretty good pictures on facebook, and his clips on youtube are excellent.

Now if he would only post the conclusion of that fight between Bo and Luke on Dear Diary. I love the fight, the whole fight. There's something about Luke knocking Bo on his behind that I like. Brian if you're reading this, please do a clip of the second fight between Bo and Luke, well basically the end of the episode.

Oh, and that clip of knight rider sucked lol. Made me so mad that they could make fun of our beloved Dukes like that. Humph. Dukes of Hazzard should have done a retailitory episode or scene... but I love Dukes so much because they are above that level. But it still would have been nice to see. Hmm... there's an idea, someone should do a Dukes fic and crush Knight Rider as revenge. HAHA. I liked the show as a kid, but I'll be danged if i can remember any of it!

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