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Daisy Duke-A Hero For Both Genders

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When the Dukes originally aired my buddies and I were all around nine or ten years old. At that age (boy have times changed) you still were at the age where most of us weren't quite old enough to appreciate girls yet (and most of the girls thought all the boys had cooties lol). I remember most of us had one of our first crushes (I had one on Wonder Woman too) on Daisy Duke. In hindsight, though the media may have portrayed her as nothing more than a sex symbol, there was a lot more to Daisy. She proved a woman could be just as skilled and strong as a man, she was very independent and was a good voice not only for women, but I think largely sent a positive message to those of who weren't quite ready to go "girl crazy" just yet.

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I can totally relate to and agree with this. She was definitely my first crush, LOL.

Thank you for sharing this!

Farrah Fawcett was my first crush. Charlie's Angels came out when I was 16.

I never really had a crush on Daisy. The show came out when I was 19 and I had a serious girlfriend so I never did go crazy over Daisy. I just looked at her like a cousin. Of course if I wouldn't have had a girlfriend it might have been another story.

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