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Taylor Wopat on Facebook


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If you have befriended this person, you should know that this is NOT the real Taylor Wopat. She stole Taylor's pics and has been portraying herself to be Taylor to get favors from other fans... I spoke to the real Taylor to confirm. If this person befriends you, run the other way. She has shuck-n-jived many people...I am using the Hazzardnet approach to tell everyone not to be deceived...please pass along!

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The culprits were two people named Amanda Tate and Patti Heath... I advise you not to add them on your facebook...

Myself along with some fellow fans put the word out hazzardnet style and soon the truth was discovered. We also bombarded facebook with reports of the false identities... the real Taylor had tried to do the same, but sometimes it helps to have more than one person reporting.

Either way I think both their accounts have been deleted on facebook...not sure if either person is a member on here or not, but if so, I advise everyone to keep their distance....

Taylor (the real Taylor) is very thankful for everyone that helped, and I did my best to reassure her that though her dad has many fans, they are all not fanatical like that.

Let this serve as a reminder...much as we all love John and Tom, they are real people with real lives and real families. They are just two guys "making their way the only way they know how" It happens to be in the public eye. A true fan will respect this and not use their celebrity status for their own gain, or take advantage of their kids...

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Neither Amanda or Patti's accounts were deleted. They were blocked so no one could find them.

Really? I'd delete their accounts! I think that if they are going to make someone's life miserable via Facebook they should at least have THEIR Facebook accounts deleted! If it were me, I'd be mad! I'm mad and it ain't even me!! Really, where do people get off doing that??

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She's not the only one either, there are several people who have fake profiles and have befriended a lof of Dukes fans. why i am not sure of but I am 100% sure they are not real people and pretty sure I know who is running all the pages. They also used to run one under the name "Johnny Steven Maxwell" who does not exist and appears to be deleted now. So if you are friends with any of these, be on your gaurd and DO NOT believe anything they tell you. I know this because I have been watching these for about 2 years now. In case the Links don't work the names are Hetty Lynne Maxwell, Brayden De Petro and Tom Wolburne




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And apparently it's happening again. I'm sorry. I don't blame Tom one bit for being leary of Dukes fans when they do stuff like this to get things or attention for themselves....especially when it is messing iwth his daughter's life. Taylor (the real Taylor) is a nice young lady who happens to have a famous dad. She doesnt deserve to be treated like that...it isn't a compliment to her to be copied...it's trying to be someone they're not...and its just plain sad.

So watch who you befriend...it may not be who you think it is...

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