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Julie came in and Says "Daisy, I won the tickets to the Billy Currlington Concert in Austin, Texas now as well. I've won anything in my life before this now as well." Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or dai

She was decent and he led her back to the room and Says "Shut up allreadry and go to sleep allreadry. And your not in charge right now I am allright." Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or daisydukeXenosstrai

"Your faith gives me hope." Lizzy says smiling.

Daisy said "No Tom I trust you...I'm just so scared of Jake...none of you know what he's capable of...I do...if it wouldn't have been for me deciding to get out of the relashionship when I did...he would've killed me."

"I dealt with shine runners from the time I was 16 till the time I was 19 I think you'll be ok. Besides Lizzy will kill me if she wakes up and something's happened to you." Tom says.

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