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Fact about Denver Pyle I didn't know before


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Fact about Denver Pyle I didn't know before today, did you know that he was in the Merchant Marines along with other famous actors as well. Raymond Bailey(Milburn Drysdale From the Beverly Hillibillies) Carroll O'Conner, Peter Falk, James Garner, Steve McGarrett.

Paul Teutal, Sr.

Actually James Garner was in the Army. And Steve McGarrett is a character played by Jack Lord. LOL. McGarrett was in the Navy. Lord was infact in the Merchant Marines.

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Are there any websites that have information about Denver Pyle? If so, could someone (like techno genius MaryAnne) respond to this question by posting one of those link things (my computer skills are that of a kindergartner but I do know how to click a mouse on a link *pats self on back*) Thanks in advance.

Roger, one of my favorite places for info on my favorite actors is IMDB. Here's Denver's page there: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0701500/

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