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this is a rp between James and I. sorry we aren't accepting other people in this story.



Long ago long before the Dukes ancestors ancestors ancestors there was Christopher an explorer discovered the lost treasure of a lost forgotten tribe the Minoutoks tribe. It was almost dark and Chris was far from home he needed a place to stay. he found a cave and went inside. Rain started to pour a few minutes after he entered. He moved in deeper into the cave so he wont get soaked hen he saw strange drawings in the cave as he went in deeper. he laid down to rest his tired bones and drifted off to sleep when he was written by a teribble earthquake. the floor under him had colapsed and he fell in. He landed on something, it was soft yet rough. he stood up and in the middle of whhat he fell on was the treasure. he climbed down and looked closer at it. "It is the treasure!" he exclaimed. "everyone thought it was a myth." he added. he found a space to pass and started walking when he felt a gust of warm air pass on him. he got a closer look and realized that it was a dragon. he yelped and jumped some and started to look for a way to escape.but couldnt find any. When suddenly something appeared. it roared loudly. Chris found a place to hide and hid himself. The dragon roared as it woke up and started to fight with the other being. The dragon and being rolled and fought leaving the treasure exposed. From where chris were he got a closer look at the treasure, it looked alot like pictures he saw on the wall. He realized it wasnt treasure but tools. When suddenly Chris heard a chirping sound. It was a baby dragon, the dragons baby. the baby walked out. Another object separated from the being and went to attack the baby. Chris ran to the treasure and grabbed the object used to kill that pacticular being found on the picture in the cave. the being disentigrated when the wheapon hit him, The bigger being that was fighting the dragon roared he grabbed some of the wheapons and disappeared with them. the dragon roared and tried to pounce on the being but it was to late. The being had disappeared. The dragon looked at her child then at chris. she realized what had happened.

" you, for keeping my dragonet safe I spare your life." The dragon said in a rough voice. " but you must protect this." The dragon handed him what looked like a rock. " Its the scroll of scales. if this falls into the wrong hands it gives the grobycot unlimited power to control the earth. I give you the ability to turn in to dragons but the gene shall only work if the scroll is in danger." The dragon said. " go now back to your home." she added.

" Thank you Dragon." Chris said " but tell me what does the other wheapons do?" Chris asked.

" They are varios fighting tools," the dragon said " nothing but tools, the hero comes from your heart and soul."the dragon said as she led him to an exit. "you must nit tell anyony of your ability, you'll be in grave danger if you do."The dragon said as she grabbed her young ne and left.

Chris walked out of the cave dawn had begun. He headed home.

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