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We've All Got To Grow Up Sometime


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Enos had been in a heated exchange of banter between Rosco. The exchange of apologies from Enos and the constant use of "dipstick" from Rosco had caught them all up so much that they didn't notice the Dukes pull up.

Rosco jerked the banner out of Enos' hands, "I'll do it myself." He continued to grumbled, as Enos and Cassie exchange of a look that said, "Things will never change."

The Hazzard bustle had been broken by the sound of a little girl's voice. Enos turned around instantly knowing who it was. A bright grin flashed across his face, "Abi!" Bending down on one knee, he held his arms out for the little girl.

Cassie watched on having only known Bo and Luke, while meeting Bo's wife once. Visiting Hazzard as often as Enos did wasn't in the cards for Cassie, no longer did she had any family there to come back to. Her face too showed signs of light, as she too smiled.

"Hi Boys," she quickly searched to make sure that she'd get Bo's wife's name correct, "Hi Sammy."

Just because she'd created a shadow for herself in Hazzard didn't mean that things were as horrible as they once were. For most things were 98% better for everyone, but lingering was the memories of turmoil felt for one another at some time. Except, those never came up unless mentioned, and no one ever mentioned them.

Looking at them all now, you'd never guess that many, many years ago that Bo, Luke, Cassie, Enos, and Rosco had one of the biggest conflicts of Hazzard in it's history. Most all of them declared criminals, and all of them managed to clear their name, legally. Hazzard's finest owed them one.

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Sammy nodded with a smile to Cassie, barely knowing the woman herself and leaning into Bo a little more. She wasn't shy, not by a long shot, she just didn't trust people as eaisly as Bo did that she didn't know...it took her a while to get to know people that was all and while she knew of Cassie, she'd never got the oppertunity to know her.

Bo also raised his hand that was around Sammy's middle with a small wave, a nod and a smile...TJ now burying his face into Bo's shoulder.

"Hey Cassie..."

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Abi scrambled to get off her daddy's shoulders and flew, in every sense of the word to Enos's hug. "I missed you somethin' awful!"

Luke smiled watching his little girl. One thing he loved about Abi was that she never forgot a friendly face, and of course Enos always had had one of the friendliest.

"Didja bring me a shell?" she asked poking at his pockets. Normally Enos always had some little thing for Abi and TJ...it was just the type of person he was.

"Abi that ain't polite...now you apoliogize..." began Luke a slight embarrassed.

"I'm sorry Enos...what'd ya bring me?!" asked Abi, totally missing the point.

Luke rolled his eyes with a small chuckle. "Hey Cassie," he gave a small nod.

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Enos squeezed the little girl into a hug, and chuckled at her comment. "Now Abi, what makes you think that I'd bring ya anything?" He winked kidding the child. If he knew Abi, right about now, she's be getting a pout in her lip and an attitude something awful. But, before he could let that happen, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small conch shell.

"Here you go. See it's just your size." Enos loved the Dukes' children mostly because they seemed to love him.

Watching her eyes light up, Enos' grin overwhelmed his face. Standing up he took two steps toward TJ, "Want your present, TJ?"

Cassie seemed relieved that Enos was bonding with the children so well. Everytime he came home, he would tell her about everyone and every detail about his trip. Sometimes she felt as if she had known these people, but when it came down to it, she did not.

Taking a deep breath, the smile that touched her face had allowed her personality to shine through. "Well how's everybody been? It's been ages. More like an ice age because if my eyes serve me right, you both have a child?" Her eyes went from Bo to Luke. Somehow her eyes seemed to linger on Luke, but not for too long because she feared that he would think she was staring.

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TJ kept his face hidden in Bo's shoulder...it wasn't he didn't like Enos..but unlike his mother he was shy and he didn't know who Cassie was...so he kept his face hidden but shook his head a little.

Bo chuckled a little, looking to Enos.

"I'm sorry Enos, he's a bit shy around new people is all...why dont ya try givin' it t'him later...he aint had his nap yet either which could also contribute..."

Sammy nodded in agreement.

"Mmm he's just like Bo...gets cranky when he aint had a nap..."

"Hey..." Bo said indiganantly. "I ain't that old that I need a nap in the day yet..."

TJ giggled a little into his dad's shoulder but didn't move his face. Bo however soon returned his attention to Cassie who had asked a question, completly missing the look that Cassie had give Luke just a little longer.

"Yeah....this one's TJ - he's 5 and he's mine an' Sammy's and that one there is Abigail though we call her Abi...she's Luke an' Sara's...."

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"So what's gonna go on round here today then...all we were told was that Rosco might need some help setting up...we would have been here earlier but SOMEONE..." With that he looked to Sammy "...couldn't decide what to wear.."

Sammy rolled her eyes and looked to him.

"Bo you take about as long as I get changed to have a shower so don't start that..."

"I ain't starting nothing, but at least I get up in pleanty of time so that I've had a shower before we have to leave!" Bo retorted back

"Well its not my fault that I actually want to look nice instead of like i've crawled out of a hedge backwards!" Sammy instantly shot back, actually turning to face Bo now.

"You could have at least picked out what you wanted to wear last night, last night we had all the time in the world to do that...or maybe you did and then decided that it wasn't actually good enough!"

"Or maybe I just dont like wearing the same thing over and over and over again!" She partly yelled back, tweaking Bo's traditional yellow shirt with the blue one underneath.

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Enos shrugged, "It's alright Bo. I can wait to give it to him, well that's if he can wait." Grinning he rustled the little boy's hair softly and stepped back beside Cassie. "Now TJ, I'll hold your present for ya until you get ready for it."

"Hi Abi," Cassie offered the little girl a smile and a wave. She seemed so full of life and the shell Enos had given her appeared to have made her day. "She's beautiful Luke, and TJ is lucky he gets to carry those Duke good looks."

Both Enos and Cassie seemed to settle back into one another comfortably. They weren't in a relationship, they never have been, but they fit together in that way. Many figured that's what years of friendship did to you.

"Good one," Cassie seemed to give her support to Team Sammy. "She's right Bo; plus, there's just a whole 'nother world when it comes to women and their clothes." Of course Cassie would know that, she had been one of the biggest names in independent clothing design in Los Angeles.

Enos decided he'd answer Luke, "Well Cassie and me's just got here, but I think Rosco's getting his decorations up."

Rosco had hung up his banner, "That's right, Luke. Now, I'm going to need some balloons tied all around the stage here. I want it to be great." The old man chuckled and pointed to a bundle of balloons tied together. "All 300 of those balloons needs to be tied places."

"You gonna bundle 'em Commissioner?" Enos chimed in.

"O'course I'm gonna bundle 'em, Dipstick." Rosco grumbled. "Now, who wants to help put 'em up."

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Sammy shook her head softly and took TJ from Bo, seeing the little boy falling asleep.

"I'm gonna take TJ home, he's tired and he needs his nap otherwise he's just gonna end up crying all afternoon..."

Bo sighed softly and nodded, kissing her cheek.

"Alright i'll be home as soon as I can okay...dont you work too hard now..."

Sammy smiled a little, kissing him back on the lips softly.

"You dont gotta worry...everything's fine..." She whispered softly before heading back to the car with their son, Bo watching her all the way to make sure nothing happened.

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