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I need help, please!

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Hey, y'all! I know I haven't posted for a while, but I've been way too busy to get on the computer for myself. Anyway, I was hoping some of you could help me. As some of you may know, I've got an ongoing story at fanfiction.net told from the point of view of the various cars of Hazzard County, called "Family Album". My problem is, I seem to have a mental block for appropriate names.

So far I have the General and Dixie, of course, and Jesse's truck is Jackson. The next chapter is coming from Rosco's patrol car, Lawrence - he goes by "Law" for short. (Yes, I was very tired when I started this chapter, but I thought I was really funny, at the time.)

I believe that Miss Tizdale's motorcycle is going to be Garry Mae, and Cooter's tow truck will be Bertha, but I need help coming up with names for the other cars. (Enos's patrol car, Hobie's car, Cooter's other car)

Any assistance would be greatly appriciated, and of course, I will give all who offer suggestions credit in the story.

Thanks, Wendy and Denny

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yuo could probably name enos's patrol car, maybe possum or daisy(were hes inlove with daisy lol)

hobie's car---- harrison(my great great grandpa was a moonshiner adn we all know hobies love for moonshine lol)

Cooter's other one (nancy lou after his daughter ro beverly)

i know these names sound stupid but i wanted to give it a try lol

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Hey, y'all I just wanted to let you know that Lawrence's story is finally finished. I tell you, he was nearly impossible to get to focus!

Thank you, again for the suggestions. Enos's car ended up as Possum. The story will be posted on fanfiction.net, for anyone that is interested, as soon as my sister - Sabrina Duncan - finishes betareading it for me.

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