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Signature Cleanup!


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Folks, we are in the process of cleaning up signatures that do not adhere to our signature rules posted here. Please visit that link to learn more about why we don't allow links in signatures and why we limit image sizes. If you have a link in your signature and it disappears, it's because WE deleted it. Do NOT put the link back in your signature or we will limit your access to the forums.

As a reminder, you are allowed to put a link to your site in your profile and you may request that your link be added to our links section, but you may not put a link in your signature. In addition, any posts with inappropriate links or images will be deleted. Should you request inclusion in our links section, we will gladly review your site and if we deem it suitable, we will add it. If you find any inappropriate links in the forums, please report them to either me, Brian, or MaryAnne immediately.

We have these rules to keep the spam to a minimum and to make the forums as user-friendly and family-friendly as possible.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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We're doing signature and link cleanup again to make sure everyone adheres to our signature and linking rules, located here. This is done to combat spammers, protect minors that are visiting our site, and to ensure a family friendly and pleasant environment for everybody. If you want to post a link, please get permission first. You can also request that your link be added to our link section of the site.

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Hello Meadowmufn!

I am somewhat new here, so I don't know what a signature is considered, and I am not exactly sure what you are talking about. But, it sounds serious! So, I thought I better make sure so that I don't do something wrong and not know it, seeing as how that is what always happens to the Dukes, (and we are all Dukes at heart, right!) I thought I better find out so that I don't end up like Bo and Luke, in jail and not knowin' why!

Anyway, not to skip subjects, but I also have another question... On the Member List, there is a column that says Reputation. What does that mean, and how are members designated to a different reputation? Did that make any sense?

One last thing, I would like to thank you, Brian Coltrane, and MaryAnne (along with any other moderators I do not know about) for such a great site and all of the hard work that y'all put into this. I am sure a lot of the other fans feel the same, and we owe you a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

General Grant

I hope that I am not swithcing subjects too much or anything, but I get confused sometimes! Khee, I'm Gone!

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Well, I'm not a moderator here but I did a moderator of another website, so maybe I can answer to 1 of your question.

For signature, I suppose they mean the line you can add in every of your post; for example, my signature is "Luke, it ain't funny", that you can find at the end of the rectangular post.

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