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Boss's or Dukes's foods..

Dukes's and Boss's Foods  

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  1. 1. Dukes's and Boss's Foods

    • Dukes's Daisy cooking county foods
    • Boss's greasy foods like raws or fast foods
    • or both

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I voted for Daisy's cook, but I'm agree with Lostinthedukes: Boss dessert seems very good!

But, as most of people say, I have here the best cook over, the italian one!

I don't know about the rest of you but I make pretty good Oven Baked Chicken and skinless at that so it's guilt free. Oh I used boneless chicken when I made at the time. But some of Boss's dishes looked pretty good as well, I remember one time watch Dukes and my brothers cat is watching and she is glued to the part when Boss has food out. And here is a little funny little tidbit when I watch a second episode and Britney is watching and then I done I take the dvd, well she looks disappointed that I'm not going to put on another episode.

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nice, so I not see either Rosco or Enos often eating when after off duty like Enos like go to cafe or daisy's picine and also Rosco often eat lunch with sandwiches in car with flash or his mom bring lunch to his office.. why we not seen often on only see few times.. and only see daisy's or boss's as well.. but I not know about Cooter as well does he often out eat his own during anywhere? thanks :)

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