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Rosco Moments!!!!

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OMG, I have so many Rosco moments I think I'm turnin' into him.

In one day I will hit my head on the door when I open it, with no one else standing around. I always forget the topic of a discussion I'm having with anyone. I always tell my dogs to HUSH!!! And if the ground is wet you can bet I'm gonna fall inthe biggest puddel you can find. And during Holloween I was wearin' a gorilla costum much like the one Rosco wore on "The Dukes GO to Hollywood", and My mother thought she would help me down the hallway and she pushed me right into our Doberman pincher and I flipped over him and I laid on the ground for about five minutes, with my mask twisted around, and they couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying, but I was cracking up. When I fell I slid right into my Basset Hound Fred(guess where i got that name1!!)

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About twenty minutes ago I had another one.

I ran down the hallway and I tried to slow down but I slipped and fell through my bedroom door, and I had the phone in my hand.

It hurt alot!!!!! Everyone that is in my house was laughing at me(like always) and I was laughing too. Oh and last night I was standing on my porch and I was walking and I slipped and I had one of my legs on the wall and the other on the deck, don't even ask how it happened I have no clue.I nearly pulled my groin muscle.

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OMG I had another one, the other day I ran down my hallway, and at the end of the hallway we have babygates to keep the dogs out, and when I came to the babygate I jumped over it at top speed, but my boot caught on the top of it and I went flying through the livingroom and slid on my knees until i reached the tv. My knees hurt so bad I have big bruises on them the size of dollar sized pancakes. I'm just full of em' this year!!!!

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I had a really good one, two years ago. At the highschool I teached we had a 'multi-activity' day the last day before the holliday's

The kids good play games and stuff like soccer, sumo-wrestling in inflatable suits, pillow-fight, climbing in to a pole to ring a bell, stuff like that.

The profits would go to charity, at that time the earthquake in Turkey.

Anyway we also had a big inflatable airpillow, with two lanes in which the kids could race against each other while being attached to a bunjee-jump-cord. (hope ya'll understand what I'm talking about.) Anyway the airpillow had wall's at the side, well about 3,5 feet high.

At the time I was standing on the airpillow I saw two boys getting in to a fight. Me, wanting to stop them as soon as possible, jumped from the airpillow, over the inflatable wall, to the ground and wanted to run at them to break them up. (I had see the kids do it all day so I didn't thought it would be that hard.)

Unfortunately it had rained and as soon as my feet touched the ground I slipped and slided through a mudpool.

Me being the centre of the attention at that point made the fighting boys brake-up , but ofcourse I was the laughingstock of the day.

Later that day my co-workers awarded me mockingly for best creative-intervention, of the year.

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