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Enos and Daisy's Wedding


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Yeah Enos looks so surprized when Daisy asks him to marry her, but

then when he finds out she is only doing it to keep him out of jail he looks

so hurt and dissapointed. But i still think they should have gotten married in the end, instead of them callin' it off on account of the hives. They both looked a little too happy when they anounced it to everyone in the Boars Nest.

Anyone else notice that?

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Today, I've seen for the first time in my life this episode.

I've liked it, BUT there's something that disappoints me:

first - Bo, Luke and Uncle Jesse aren't happy at all about the wedding (they say that Daisy is wasting her life marrying Enos :-? 'cause she doesn't love him).

second - Daisy never says she loves Enos. Never. She wants to marry him only for "pity": at the beginning to avoid his imprisonment, and then (when she doesn't have to testify against him anymore) because she's worried 'bout what he could think if the wedding is cancelled. I'd have preferred, at the end, when she talks with Uncle Jesse, Bo and Luke, something like "I want to marry him 'cause I've understood I love him". UFF.

Well, like every Enos fan in the world, I hoped to see their wedding.

But it was very funny to see Enos with hives 'cause he's too happy; he begins to scratch himself after the lake scene. :lol:

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This is probably my favorite episode of them all. I loved the story and the ideas that threw these two characters together. Of course, I do believe that the ending was a tiny bit weak. I think that although Daisy never said that she loved Enos, that she did. I guess it's a woman's intuition thing with me, but I got the feeling that her caring for him was dappling into the concept of love pretty intently.

This story line does give fan fiction writers the chance to really recognize and acknowledge the potential love between these two characters, which would have been lost completely if they had tied the knot.

Of course, Bo and Luke, who have taken care of Daisy all this time doesn't want to lose her, they feel a sort of responsibility towards her, so dropping her into Enos' arms would seem a bit too strange for them. Also their 'knowing' of her her and Enos' friendship would serve as a damper on the possible relationship. So their shock seemed to be target on, at least in my honest opinion.

Jesse's reaction and the manner which he cared for Daisy throughout the episode was just as I would have expected and I found the wedding dress to be perfect. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said that she had to. I hated that they turned this into a wedding of obligation as opposed to love. Of course, I will never forget Rosco's reaction to her in the dress, that was just so 'ding dang' sweet. ;)

That scene in the canoe was just perfect. Hopeful romantics everywhere would probably not have changed a thing!

Every time I watch Enos lean in closer to her, I get a serious case of goosebumps! It just reminds me so much of the first time my husband of 12 years kissed me. Very special emotion going on with that scene and it was also when he asked me to marry him. So of course, I hate the fact that it didn't happen.

But like I said, the whole concept of these characters developing into something special is also a grand idea. I figure too, if they had gotten married on the show or in the movie, then there would have been less people like me, Val and others to write those stories about them. ;)

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Well, I know who to blame for them not getting married!!!! ITS ALL PAUL PICARDS FAULT!!! Or so I've heard and read just about everywhere.

Apparently, the writers wanted them to get married because A: Many fans wanted them to, and B: if the show had gone on another season, it would have given them more to write about. BUT Paul said no. I think what I heard was he said nobody wants that. Or something to the effect of it wouldnt work.

BUT I dont know who to blame for the reunion. Apparently Gy Waldron wrote that one... I cant believe it. They are like this perfect couple. I do agree it was kinda wrong to make it seem like an obligatory wedding... BUT I think Daisy really did love Enos. See, if she had called it off, I think Enos would have understood, even though his heart would have been broken. BUT she didnt. Maybe the thing with making it seem obligatory was a way to hide her feelings toward him in front of the boys and Jesse... who knows.

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