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Greetings from Hazzard Tn.

I've got another idea for a topic about episodes. All TV shows have stupid moments or moments when characters do something that makes you want to smack them upside the head and say "WHAT WERE YOU THINKIN?!" Well, I'm sure there are plenty of moments like that on the Dukes. After watching the uncut version of the Sound of Music: Hazzard Style, I recall my favorite part of the episode, yet it was a stupid situation and both Luke and Cletus get the What were you thinkin smack on the back of their heads. Luke and Cletus? Yep. Same scene, only Waylon sums up Luke's stupid move vocally.


Following Bo and Luke's battles with Heep and Morton in Mud Flats, Daisy warns the boys that an unmaned construction vehicle is moving toward the parked General Lee. So a very muddy Luke Duke races past the vehicle, executes the best ever hood slide and window climb I've ever seen him do, AND THE CAR WON'T START!!!!! LMAO!!!!

To quote Waylon: You know sometimes when you don't always think clear? Like why didn't he just shut er down? I've done that. It isn't until the construction vehicle is treacherously close that the General's stubborness gives way and finally cranks and Luke makes it out of the way in time.

Cletus makes the bigger blunder. Ignoring the construction vehicle and the General Lee refusing to turn over, Cletus pulls in right next to Luke. What's funny though is when Bo has to get Cletus out of his squad car and Cletus is pushing against the already opened door.

While that scenario is stupid, it is my favorite part of the episode. Do any of you have a What were you thinkin moment with any characters on any episodes? This is the post to place your favorites.


Will Rodgers

The Voice Man

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Well...one of my favorites is from My Son, Bo Hogg...when Boss is telling Bo how much like his daddy he is in that he likes fast cars, and fast women (and fast food chimes in Rosco). I think it is shortly after that that Bo and Boss look in the mirror together and I just want to clunk Bo on the side of his head. The two could not be more polar opposites in looks. One would think that would raise his suspicions, but darn it all... Bo is so naive at times...bless his heart...he just can't see that there is a fly in the slaw....oh Bo, what were you thinking?!

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In Undercover Dukes, MaryBeth and Bo when she tried to wreck him...he still had enough nerve to go back to her and like make up i reckon!!! i wanted to smack him!!

And in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke I just wanted Bo to plainly murder Luke, he really ticked me off when he said that to Uncle Jesse.... that got me mad. and then what he said to Enos, course we all know he wasnt thinkin cleary from the chemicals but I still wanted to smack him!!

Then whenver Bo and Luke went through the military manuevers that were taking places, (of all places it had to be Hazzard!) I wanted to reach throught the screen and knock the tar outta them two!!

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Just saw "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for the first time the other night. Now I mostly just roll my eyes at any "what were you thinking" moments because Dukes is a lighthearted show, but this time I actually said out loud, "No. GET OFF THE TRACKS." Sure it's the General and I love the General, but your car stalls on the tracks, forget the car and book it.

I think it's because the unrealistic stuff is usually so over-the-top that you can just roll with it ("getting hit on the head is like a big on/off switch for amnesia" for example) but this one caught me off guard a little bit.

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Another one that has occurred in numerous episodes is when say Rosco is driving on a dirt road on the right side of the road.A car comes along going the opposite direction down the middle of the road and its always Rosco or whoever that ends up crashing into the bushes on the left hand side of the road.

An example of this is in Happy Birthday General Lee,after the boys tow the black charger out of the junkyard,a car comes around the corner and the Dukes end up crashing through the bushes on the opposite lane side of the road.

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Hey ldhensen :D Good to have you on site.

Just to say about your what were you thinking moments, its true when a train is barralling towards you that you get out of the car, absolute common sense. However you also have to remember that General's doors are welded shut, and while the boys are of course quick at getting in an out of them windows, wouldn't the damage to them have been far worse if they didn't slide out in time? Least with a car they between them and the train one of them would survive.

Also, General I think is meant to be more than a car to the boys. They built the engine and the car together, and we're supposed to take into account that Luke was just out of the marines - probably back from Nam in wartime - when they did so its a symbol to Bo and Luke of their closeness as cousins - brothers even, Bo has always been reluctant to leave General behind or do anything to old GL, I cant stand watching episodes either where the General is in danger! LOL Goodbye General Lee makes my heart pound even though I know its all gonna be okay! LOL

Just my two cents ;)

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Oh I definitely agree, getting out of the car is exactly what you should do. It's the "manually push the car" part that felt a little too close to stuff that people often try in real life, so I automatically had an "argh no don't do it" reaction. Funny thing is, if they'd done something outrageous like, I don't know, rammed it off the tracks with another car at high speed or something, I wouldn't have given it a second thought! :D

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