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Another confederate flag comment

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I posted this comment in another thread but recently in some new model kits (daisy jeep missing dixie decal and general lee missing a confederate decal) and other events in the land of dukes merchendise i felt that this comment needed a thread of its own.

*copy & Paste*

Ya know guys the film makers here KNOW whats going on here.

they KNOW of these mistakes.

but i think it all comes down to being politically correct or some bull like that. to boot the confederate flag; thats a Very touchy subject but if you take away the flag from the roof you may as well colour the general blue! theres certian lines that really really shouldnt be crossed, and this is one of them. yes, i will buy the model kit of the jeep. and the general as well If they have a newer one out to add to my general lee collection. However when i do buy these model kits i will correct them with Proper decals (home made of course).

the dukes were hot hot hot back in "the day". and people of "colour" (so to speak with NO offence) Understood the reasoning behind the confederate symboling on the cars. its a marking of ones heritage. but dont forget - slavery was everywhere in north america back then! and yes, we do regret the things out great great great great grandpa's pulled off. as a Canadian myself i do know a fair amout of our heritage. and its not that different from the united states. and i do Know what happened 100 years ago. but also 100 plus years ago OUR countries were founded, medicines were discovered, etc. so please place Slavery aside for a second here. Tons of fantastic great discoveries and achivements happened back then that changed the world, forever. if it werent for these events & happenings i probably wouldnt be in front of this computer right now because it wouldnt exist. yes racism does still exist but just to those (small amount in north america) who dont understand other people and have poor social skills (i could insult further, really -i could! ).


If your from the southern states place that confederate licence plate on, show the love for your country and its heritage. the confederate flag doesnt represent Slavery & Racism. it stands for a Country that once stood built by many many wise people that founded the very ground your standing on. and if people are offended by the confederate flag there IGNORANT! Very Ignorant. the south wasnt about hating people of colour and origin. it was about freedom & opportunity as todays red maple leaf and 50 stars & a few stripes (just 2 examples). So if you hate the confederate flag - why not burn the stars & stripes? burn the red maple leaf while your at it. go for it. if you hate the confederate flag so much your Obvoiusly living in the Wrong country! move to Sweden, Scotland, Japan, Where ever! the confederate flag is one of Many symbols that marks the foundation of a great chunk of land we like to call Home.

anyways guys my little rant is done here. Now if any of you disagree on my statement above i can Completely understand. but it was based on fact, not so much opinion.

im gone.


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What all of us Dukes fans should do is, if you see a toy or any Dukes merchandise that omits the word "Dixie" or the Confederate Flag, it should NOT BE PURCHASED! Send them a message that the Flag or the Dukes of Hazzard will not be tampered with, and that if they continue with this B.S., then they will have low sales. BUYING THESE PRODUCTS ONLY ENCOURAGES THIS KIND OF P.C. NONSENSE.

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First, "Back" you said it perfectally!

Now to the history lesson!

The civil war, was not about slavery, it was about "states rights". What this was, is the right for one state to tell another state what to do. It was about land, The north was screwing the south out of land. It was really never about slavery. The north had abolished slavery years before the south. Actually the south ended slavery in 1862, 3 years before the end of the war in 1865. As for the African - American friends we have, their ancestory has just as much blood on it's hands as anyone. They also owned slaves, and plantations (Little known fact, but true!!). In all actuality, Abraham Lincoln, didn't even care about slavery, that was a hot topic, his wife was hooked into, (Her family was first or second generation members of the daughters of the american revolution, and they made it a "hot button topic".

I can understand why, they are upset over the Confederate flag being displayed in any manner. But to damn, innocent soldiers (For the most part) families, because of extreme right wing factions, is just as deplorable if not more so. If we as Americans, were to burn every flag that did horrible thngs to us, there would be no flags at the United Nations. However that is NOT to excuse or condone, the actions, of those who are less tolorant, and choose to hide behind a bed sheet!

I proudly display my "Rebel" flag. Not as a mark of hate, or intolorance. But has a sign of respect, to the men who died fighting their brother, cousin, or even father. But I also fly, an American flag, for the same reason. I seem to remember driving thru urban areas, and the people there, both black and white, were wearing the flag. (I guess some rapper or actor, did it in a video so they thought it was cool as well). I live in the north, and we have just as many Confedrate flags, flying as any I've ever seen. So if there is a problem, it's not as bad as what tv, makes it out to be.

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No, it wasnt all about slavery but it was a hot issues, bleeding Kansas, Harpers Ferry, Nat Turner's rebellion..well I'm not sure what that has to do with it but I needed three examples :wink: We were expanding into the West and everyone and their brother was fighting to see which states would be free and which ones werent.

Sure the North has slaves. But Northen economy didnt demand that they needed em and the majority of those slaves were domestic. Families who did have them had one maybe two.

The majority of people in the south didnt own slaves. Only a handful of large plantation owners did.

Yes there were blacks who owned slaves, but their numbers were few and far between.

The Confederate flag has been tied to the South and slavery. I'm not sure it can sperated. It is seen as one now.

Still, I just want the flag on the damn G. Lee

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Ya know, maybe Hollywood is freaking out for nothing with this whole rebel flag thing. Somehow, the thousands at DukeFest this weekend don't seem too squeamish about a confederate flag.

It's true that the flag has been misused by hate groups and therefore has negative connotations for many people.

But in this day and age, the rebel flag seems to represent the "spirit of the south" ala Dukes of Hazzard. It's a matter of perception, of course, and I'm not suggesting that anyone turns a blind eye to history. But given the worldwide recognition of the Dukes of Hazzard, if anyone was going to have a material fit about the flag, there has been more than ample opportunity since 1979.

They might as well remove the "Dixie" horn from the General Lee if they're that dang worried.


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can anyone here really picture a Gen Lee Without the flag on the roof? I couldnt! we'll never be able to escape some of the rather nasty things our founding fathers did, its a part of our lifes where we can easily say "I wish that it never happened and im sorry that those things happened to your family".

I was jabbering to a neighbour about this yesterday too. hes african and his wife jamacian. they have No problem with the flag as long as its presented Correctly. but my mom, she used to have one of those novelty confed plates on her 91 caprice. an ignorant individual disliked it. i asked WHY. he said because its a racist symbol. racist symbol?! no no no, if i ever "planned" to dislike others that arent white id sell t-shirts reading something like:


but im Not racist, not by a long shot. i accept those as who they are and deal with it weather there jerk-off's or nice dudes. the world IS diversity. from people liking different things to colour of skin, origin, language, skills, lifestyles, etc. i HAD a plate on my mustang for a little bit a while back just for sh*ts & giggles that and the word Rebel comes into play. and hell, when your driving a classic muscle car plate or no plate its got rebel written all over it anyways. :wink:

but i removed it. not because of the 1 negitive comment i recived but because my family never originated from the south. somethimes ya just gotta be proper.

reguardless, its all just a matter of Ignorance. it really is. people tend to only remember the Bad stuff, never anything cool that happened. i think Alot of people really need a good old fashioned history lesson on what the flag stands for in total and why some people AND States (a state flag right?) choose to "expose" it. and i doubt that aside from our good friends & members from the KKK who hang it mean any harm with it (sarcasim). :roll:

im gone.


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I think this debate will heat a bit more as the movie gets closer to coming out. There are a select few who still have trouble with Confederate Flag....

Around here where I live, we have a lot of hispanic(Puerto Rico, Mexican, Ecuador, El Salvador, etc) that PROUDLY show off their respective flags. They are proud of their HERITAGE. And they are also PROUD to be AMERICANS that have the rights to do so, It is called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION , that is what our great country is built upon.

All these groups that still protest the Confederate Flag represents the bad stuff(KKK, slavery, etc) should look at various other issues than just a flag. As we are getting older the flag issue , at times, seems to be a "hot" issue. BUT , at least to me and like Brad and 1hellraiser said, these people who protest should look into the whole history of what the Civil War and state's rights were about. A select few had slaves and that included the North also. It is a part of Southern history that seems to get dilluted over the years. Maybe if they taught the Civil War in it's proper context in school, there might not be as much debate as we have now.

Southerners should be proud of where they are from and should have a symbol that represents their HERITAGE . Like I said , it is a shame that history isn't taught the proper way for EVERYONE to understand. The same goes for just about everybody, Canadians, Native Americans, etc...

I wear my Confederate Flag proudly as my mothers side of my family are from NC. I have a the Confederate Flag and the American Flag tattooed on my arm.....


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I'll tell ya...living here in the Deep South, it's still hard to fly the flag. Some in this forum know what I do for a living so I must remain PC at all times (as difficult as it may be sometimes). I had to tell a guy that it was of his best interest to remove and stow his 3x5 flag flying in the back of his truck. It's ok just about everywhere you go but the area we were in would just invite hatred towards his beloved truck. (It would get torched!)

But look at what happened to some firefighters up North. Some firefighters actually got offended by flying the AMERICAN FLAG on their fire truck!!!! If some people get offended by that...well...just look at the next image. I could go on and on but I get a little flustered with this topic. So I'm shuttin' up.


Darrell, props to ya, brother! It must be difficult explaining that tattoo to New Yorkers without them having negative connotations.

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I know what ya mean about flying it down there. One of my cousins is a corrections officer and one of his friends actually got suspended for having the flag in the back window of his pick-up. It seems another CO had complained about it and he was told to take it down , which he did not due in time.

It is funny that my tattoo has had positive from the african americans that seen it. It never seemed to be a bother , they loved how colorful the whole tattooo is. But I am sure there is someone somewhere who will eventually get offended by it. BUT it is only visible when I wear a tank top or sleeveless shirt, a short sleeve covers it up because it is on my upper arm....


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