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  1. Lizzy should have a girl this time.

  2. Hey you do a post where Bo is listening to the same song and he's looking at different pictures of his daughter remember things he did and mistakes he has made lately.

  3. The one with Billy Ray Cryus is from a father's point of view and the one with Miley makes you want to cry now. I was thinking what Bo has the Billy Ray Cryus Cd and he is playing the cd and listen to both versions and is thinking about Cassidy growing up as well.

  4. The Song was playing on the radio as Douglas was driving her away to Uncle Jesse's house right now and she's thinking about everything as well.

  5. The song is actually "Ready Set Don't Go" By Miley Cryus and Billy Ray Cryus

  6. I guess he really isn't paying much attention to Cassidy now as well.

  7. Hey what did you think of Douglas's Proposal on Ashley and Matt's Love Story now I didn't even know she was dating anybody as well.

  8. Thanks for the post.

  9. Hey would you like to leave a post on Ashley and Matt's Love Story it relatively new less than fifty posts now as well.

  10. Hey would you like leave a post on Ashley and Matt's Love Story it's relatively new less than fifty posts on it right now.

  11. Hey there what's going on, Ashley at work seen the one story and asked if I could print it up for her it will take a while now as well.

  12. Hey there I have a friend that asked me to print out all the pages of Ashley and Jack's Baby and so far I the first 13 done right now.

  13. okay, what about the first one when they go back to Hill Valley 1955.

  14. okay which movie then I have the whole trilogy and I watch the movie and love to as well. And sorry about your cat as well. I lost a bird when I was 13 or 14 years old.

  15. To Make Brian mad enough to hit him I think right now.

  16. I noticed that and Brian told Jimmy what he was thinking as well.

  17. Would you like to had a post on Angel and Matt's Love Story, kind of a update on what Lizzy, Luke and Salena are doing right now as well.

  18. I was thinking Ashley wants to meet Brian I was wandering can you do a post when she finally goes to see him now as well.

  19. Okay I was thinking what if Jimmy Dasani didn't like what he did to Julie, Daisy and Elaine and it was really him that killed because they was at the same prison as well.

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