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  1. Haha
    Jamanda got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Mash   
    Radar totally! He's so cute! Very "Enos" like, except he gets "slinked" in one episode, which is kind of left up to the imagination, and is a bit more...girl crazy...in earlier episodes (i.e. the hole in the nurse's shower).
    We also like Klinger and his collection of fabulous gowns and line of reasons why he should be out.
    Of course, everybody loves Hawkeye and his sidekick, Trapper or B.J. They had some of the best one-liners.
    Frank: I know I'm a real asset to this outfit.
    Hawkeye: You're only off by two letters.
  2. Haha
    Jamanda got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Dallas   
    We were sure there'd already be a Dallas thread on here, but maybe not. Our Mom just announced, to her horror, that Jessica Simpson is going to be playing Lucy Ewing on a Dallas re-make reunion show. Now she knows how we feel about Jess corrupting our Daisy. What next? Johnny Knoxville playing J.R.? Well, that might work. J.R. does get shot.
  3. Haha
    Jamanda got a reaction from Skipper Duke in The Monkees   
    Some dumb bad guy called the Baron Von Klutz who was doing a very bad impersonation of Hitler. He was funny though.
    Baron: Vhat have you done!? You have ruined my engine!
    Micky: Naw, I haven't ruined your enigine at all. Anything I take apart I can put back together ya got a needle and thread?...how 'bout some glue?...some...some clay?...a bandaid?...spit on my finger?
    He ain't a Cooter Davenport that's for sure.
    Baron: Vhat's the problem now?
    Sidekick: Same old problem.
    Baron: Vhat's dat?
    Sidekick: Da car schtinks.
  4. Haha
    Jamanda got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Least favourite episode   
    We like to imagine that "Strange Visitor to Hazzard" is really a dream that Rosco had after some smelling a little too much swamp gas and never really happened.
  5. Like
    Jamanda got a reaction from Gilligan197 in Enos quotes   
    You forgot what he says next: But I've been trying to taper off.
    It's not that I don't trust you boys, but last time you hung me on the wall.
    (Seeing Rosco hanging from a tree by his gunbelt)
    Gee Sherriff, you look like a poor little ol' sparrow with a hurt wing awwww.
    I'm just following you Sheriff, isn't that what you said? Monkey see, monkey do.
    Daisy: Does this mean you don't want my autograph Rosco?
    Enos: I do Daisy!
    Find Loretta Lynn has to be the best episode for Enos quotes!
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