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  1. thank you very much for welcoming me to you! I feel like I'm going back to a family... When now in France you talk about Dukes of Hazzard, nobody knows, it's too old ... I feel lonely sometimes, lol ... Now apart from their walking dead, their game of throne, we hear that talk about it ... But series with a soul fade away, fall into oblivion ... It's a shame, because Dukes of Hazzard had a real soul ... That young people today do not understand ... Hazzard is the imaginary county of true freedom, which in France, believe me is lost ... The last bastion of men (and women) free ... Some in France take offense to the name of the car General Lee or the Confederate flag, I'm sending them back to real history books ... books or it's not quite the same story they're learning at school ... or the meaning of the Confederate flag was a sign of insubordination to the northern states and unrelated to slavery ... A sign of simply freedom ... So, I pass for an old idiot constantly watching this series, but I know what it represents in my eyes ... My race to freedom! This series is everything for me, it evaded me from a sad youth to die, or the beginning of my life was not terrible ... In short, this series calmed my anguish, I grew up with her .. Although she is on the tone of humor, she was a symbol to me ... I like this series, more than any other ...
  2. I don't know you Mark B at this moment, but congratulations!!!
  3. Hello, My name's Laurent, I come from South of France, I'm 42... I'm Fire Safety and, Security Officer in France (in France we can have both functions, they are two different degrees, but complementary) I love Dukes of Hazzard since childhood... I watch the series everytimes in ring... My favorite character is Rosco P.Coltrane and Boss Hogg... They are so scammers, thieves and liars and especially crazy... My favorite car is the Rosco patrol car (Dodge Monaco and the Plymouth Fury).
  4. Rosco P. Coltrane is my best charactere in the TV show. Rosco talking to Boss in his bath: where's the little coin-coin (coin-coin in French is the noise of the duck). What I love about Rosco is that he says and, always does anything ... I do not know if the jokes in English and French are the same, but in French dubbing it's very funny .
  5. My Dukes of Hazzard Sheriff vehicles scale 1/18... With 3 Greenlight Artisan 1/18... The two from Hazzard county I only added their license plates... When Sheriff Little, I redid the paintings, create the decals and add the license plates, because the one of Sheriff Little does not exist at 1/18 scale...
  6. This is my Dukes of Hazzard Sheriff vehicles https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/17/3/1556062675-3.jpg