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  1. If anyone needs a Knight Rider plate I also can make the KITT / KNIGHT plates. Graphics are copied from a surviving original prop. They are also $30/each shipped in the US. For the Dukes plates, I also have the yellow 1981 stickers and the white 1982 stickers if you need them. They are weatherproof, fade resistant, and have a really good adhesive backing so they will stay on your plates. They are non-reflective vinyl, and have a matte finish, like the original paper stickers. They are 2/$6 for members of this page, which includes shipping by USPS First Class Mail in the US.
  2. Yes. They are $30 for one plate or $50/pair. Includes US Priority shipping, and I'll send a photo of the plates before payment. I can have some ready to go in a couple of days. The graphics are all vinyl now. Too many issues with masking and painting them due to the humidity here. The plates will have a clear coat, so you can use them outside on a car.
  3. Some new photos of the other plates that I had made by the original prop house that they used for the TV plates. For some reason the linked photos keep disappearing.
  4. Here's one that I only noticed from watching the HD version of the show. In the flashback scenes from 'Happy Birthday, General Lee', the black Charger already had the CNH 320 license plate when Bo and Luke bought the car from the Capitol City junkyard. In 'Big Daddy', Rosco mentions to Boss Hogg that it takes 30 days to get a new plate from the DMV. That means that the original version of the CNH 320 plate that you see here must have been a Capitol City plate. In the screencap, it seems to have two words in the city/county area that are slightly too narrow to be 'Hazzard County'. The prop master for the show in the later seasons was very good about maintaining continuity with props like license plates, (the early seasons were kind of a mess) so they very likely had a custom set of prop plates made just for this episode. One of the plates that I got from the prop house that made the originals had a defect in the county label area. I removed the lettering from that section, sanded and repainted it, and replaced the missing text with a Capitol City label that I cut from red vinyl using the correct font/typeface. Coincidentally, the prop company uses the exact same type and color of paint for these plates that I have already been using for my replicas for several years! Their red details are also a perfect match for the red vinyl I use. (Bonus detail: The guy who runs the Capitol City junkyard is Will Hare, who is probably best known as 'Old Man Peabody' in Back to the Future)
  5. Yes. Georgia changed their real plates in 1983 and all of the prop plates were updated at the beginning of season 6 based on those changes. The only time red plates are seen in the last two seasons are on some background vehicles in early season 6, in reused stock shots, and for the flashbacks from 'Happy Birthday, General Lee'. In season 6, there is no registration sticker on the plates. In season 7 they added the 'W 84' sticker which was similar to the ones on real Georgia plates at the time. Here is the photo of my season 7 plate. The photo didn't upload correctly in the previous post.
  6. I was finally able to get some prop license plates from the same Los Angeles prop house that made all the real ones for the show. These are all hand made, exactly the same way that they made the actual props for Dukes back in the 80s. The lettering is an exact match for several surviving original plates, so they did use the original dies to cut them. They had a few slightly different sets of dies that were approximately the same size/type. The plates are almost identical to the real ones. The only exception is that they are made using better quality blanks now. As I have already done with the 79 plate, I will be updating the 81 and 82 plates with slightly larger more accurate sized decals. Those were made slightly too small due to a minor miscommunication. 1979 / Season 2 plate: The next 2 are the same color as the 79, just in different lighting. 1981 / Season 3-4: 1982 / Season 5: 1984 / Season 7: This plate has printed decals (green on clear vinyl) for the year and the Hazzard County text, just like the real ones.
  7. I was working on this prop last year and had to put the project on hold for a while. This is a full-size and screen-accurate replica of the Re-Elect Rosco poster from 'One Armed Bandits'. The posters are excellent quality and professionally printed with very sharp, clear graphics copied from the original source material. They look like they could have been taken from the Dukes set. This is a very limited print run of only 25 posters for now. Each poster will be rolled, sealed in a protective poly bag, and shipped in a mailing tube by USPS Priority Mail. With each poster, I will also include a free Hazzard Co. Sheriff's Dept. Patch just like the ones worn by Rosco, Enos, and Cletus in the show. I'm picking these up from the printing company on Monday and will begin shipping orders on Wednesday, Feb. 19. Here is the link to order. They are $35. I will also be listing some of them on eBay in a day or two. If you want more than one, I can give you a better price as long as they can fit in the same tube. I can't post the photo here because it is too large, but you can see it on the listing. https://www.etsy.com/listing/684028119
  8. From S5E6 'Big Daddy'. It's the stolen plate used on a truck in a robbery. The guy makes a deal with Boss to get a clean plate for his truck, and Rosco swaps plates with the General. The 'Atlanta' is a little bit too big on mine. I'll fix that for the next one.
  9. Almost finished set of 7 plates (+ the Atlanta plate)
  10. I know it's kind of an old post, but Will Hare was also 'Old Man Peabody' in Back to the Future. I used to have an old signed theater biography file of his from the 1940s. He's a tough autograph to find.
  11. You can request a specific plate here, and I'll add it to my eBay or Etsy listings and send you the link. I will also have full-size Re-Elect Rosco posters as seen in the first episode available in a few weeks. Plates will be $30 each, which includes priority mail shipping in the U.S. If anyone wants the Atlanta switched plate, those will be $40 because the aging process takes more time to finish. I can make any of the plates. I have graphics ready to go for all of the red Season 2-5 and green Season 6-7 plates. I can do custom plate numbers if it fits on the plate. I also have the files done for the 2nd reunion movie plate, but haven't had a request for that one yet. Right now I'm working on a full set of the 7 different main character plates from the show, and will post some photos Tuesday when they are all done.
  12. Yes. I've been away from the forums for a while, but still doing the plates by request. I'll be working on them again in about a week, including some of the green plates. Here are a few that I recently completed: https://imgur.com/a/X9W63Cq 3 red CNH 320 plates, 1 Rosco, and the switched General plate from 'Big Daddy'.
  13. Sorry for taking so long to get back to this. There were 3 main types of plate. Season 1 'HAZZARD', Season 2-5 'HAZZARD COUNTY', & the green 1983 plate from S. 6&7. There were a few variants for nearby counties and at least one 'Atlanta' plate. Most all of the S1-S5 plates had the 76. All of the metal ones had slight variations from one to the next, because the graphics were all die-cut and applied by hand. Earl Hays still uses the same method to make plates for TV or movies even today. The graphics were made of a thick cardstock type of material in whatever colors they needed. I think they use a spray adhesive to attach them. They seal the finished plates with a really durable clear coat. If the graphics for a plate are too complex for die-cut pieces, (like something with a color fade or a really busy design) they will color print those portions of the design onto a clear vinyl sticker material and put that on the plate. The actual plate number is always a die-cut graphic so that it has extra thickness to look raised like a real stamped plate. Their metal plates also always have a raised/embossed border and it's the only embossed area on the prop. For California prop plates, sometimes they will flip them and use the opposite side of the plate because real Cal. plates have a border that is sunken in or debossed. There were a lot of plates that were made from 'Crescent' brand mat board, the same stuff you'd use for a mat border in a picture or poster frame. Most of the time they would use these for background vehicles, but every car had at least one of these at some point. They liked to use these for jump cars because they were cheaper to replace. (I think the metal ones were about $25 a pair back then. Now they cost $80.) The mat-board blanks are machine-cut by EHP from the sheets of mat board. They would then use a lithograph process to print the graphics on them. When they were present, both metal and mat-board plates used the same type of registration decal stickers. The metal plates sometimes (but not always) will have these clear-coated over along with the rest of the plate. CGLFC has been gone at least a couple of years. It was really active about 10 years back but interest in the page just sort of faded out sometime around 2011-2012 and people stopped posting as regularly. I never understood why, but the page was a really great resource for fans in the time it was active. I can ship anywhere, it just costs me more to send to Europe so I'd have to calculate the actual cost. I think someone in the WB prop department threw the Reunion plates together at the last minute. They were vacuformed plastic and have no detail at all. The second reunion had better detailed plates. I've got a file for those 2nd reunion plates saved and can make them as well. The red part on the front that looks like a plate is actually an optional part for a 1969 Charger. It's the attachment bracket (don't know the official name for it) for a front license plate. Most U.S. states don't use front plates, so a lot of Chargers don't have this part. Most of the time the car builders for Dukes would just spray it orange along with the rest of the car, and didn't really take the time to remove them.
  14. My old profile DB_537 doesn't work anymore so I had to register again. Probably because I didn't post for years. Some of you might remember me from CGLFC when it was still up. I've been working on replicas of the different prop license plates from the Dukes for a long time. At least 8 years. I have got the process perfected and found enough reference to make an accurate replica of any license plates seen on the show. I have a bunch of old prop plates from Earl Hays Press, which was the prop house used to make the plates, newspapers, sheriff car decals, and all printed paper props and labels for the show. The plates in my collection have the same style of lettering as the Dukes plates at exactly the same scale. I copied them to make some screen accurate vector graphics and cut the finished designs from vinyl. These are made in a similar way to the originals. The flat plates are primered and painted. The graphics are cut and applied to a flat license plate with a raised border. The plates are then clear coated to protect the finish. I'm looking to sell some of these to help cover some personal expenses. I can make any custom plate/number in either Dukes of Hazzard style or any other style of tv/movie prop license plate. I've got lots of reference material for many different styles of plates. I just made an A-Team van plate with one of the less common numbers, and a Buford T. Justice plate from Smokey and the Bandit. I could also make a motorcycle plate if enough people wanted one. Selling them for $30 each with free priority shipping anywhere in the US. To ensure that the plate you want is the plate you get, I will make and finish the plates prior to accepting payment if I can get a solid commitment that you intend to buy. Thanks for looking. Daniel B. Season 2 General Lee plate. I have some custom professionally printed vinyl adhesive decals for the 1978 and 79 registration decals. For the other years 1980-82, I have standard decals. The A-Team Van plate with alternate number Buford T. Justice painted with custom vinyl mask: