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  1. Absolutely ridiculous...what is the world coming to? Rebel flag is part of the Dukes, it is them!
  2. I LOVE Only Fools and Horses! that is also one of my most favorite shows ever. Classic.
  3. What was that guy doing to Boss Hogg's chin when he's in the office and has just a bed cover on and no socks? was he massaging it or trying to strangle Boss? I always got confused at that scene, or was Boss trying to loose weight fast again?
  4. I would of said Boss Hogg, but we already saw that a couple of times. ''Stop hitting me!'' xD I would of liked to have seen it with Enos, maybe one day he just snaps on everybody.
  5. Dr Jekyll and Mr Duke when Luke(obviously on that drug) said to Enos ''I wish I could see you without that stupid grin on your face.'' and he just stands there and takes it and doesn't look upset at all but he's still smiling! (I admire him for that) I was hoping throughout the whole episode that Luke would apologise to him when he got better, and I'm glad the two shared a hug in the end. Enos is one of my most favorite characters as well, he's just so caring and nice to everybody, he's the type of law man you would truly want, Sonny in real life sounds like a truly amazing person as well.
  6. Lucas_Duke95


    This Youtube user has only uploaded 2 episodes at the moment, but I think this is the closest we shall get
  7. I remember this episode where they made fun of the Dukes, they had an orange 69 charger blowing up and two hicks where driving it.
  8. Guilty, and also guilty of saying ''Yeehaww!'' when I jump a car when playing video games, I'm also guilty of saying ''I love it! I love it!'' and laughing like Rosco, and also saying ''Possum on gumbush.'' xD
  9. Damn it! I had no idea they were illegal until I read that article and the horn laws in the UK...well, there goes my idea of having a Dixie Horn when I get my car and design it like the General... hells bells. xD
  10. Today I watched Too Many Rosco's, now I'm not much of an emotional guy, but I felt quite sad when the boys thought Rosco was dead, you can see how much they also care in return, and Rosco's ''funeral'' was generally really sad. and when Flash was crying as well, emotions are always best portrayed in the show.
  11. I like both of the Duke Boys, but overall I prefer Luke, he is the more mature and he could handle himself well, and he was a Marine! That being said, I do like Bo as well, he's reckless and funny, and his Yeeehawww! is the best.
  12. Maybe it's not as evident in the first season, but in Ghost of General Lee and several episodes after that, you can really see a caring side to Rosco that you don't see often...his face when the General is jumping into the pond in Ghost of General Lee (although it wasn't Bo and Luke) but you can really see he actually does like the Duke Boys, he enjoys the chase, he wouldn't actually want to hurt them at all. Does anyone like this side to Rosco? I really do.
  13. I loved this episode, it was one of those episodes that made me wish Luke's evilness had continued onto a 2 parter episode.
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