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  1. I believe there are only two people in the car. This is how they shot the footage from the driver's view. Clearly, the camera man is in the driver seat operating the camera. Paul Baxley is straddling the center of the car. He has a thick green jacket to lean up against the roll bar. Paul drives the car as the camera man films. Justin "CornDog"
  2. Actually, the car is not orange but is red oxide primer. This is Rich Sephton (left) and AJ Thrasher (right) and they are in the process of building the Wheelstander General Lee, which was planned to be used in the very last episode of the Dukes. The producers did not like the fact that you could see a supercharged 440 behind the driver, so they canned the whole idea of using the car and it was never on the Dukes. Rich Sephton purchased the car from WB shortly after the Dukes were finished. Then goes the story of Rich losing the car in a nasty divorce, got it back, lost it again, and so on. AJ Thrasher went on to build roll cages and special effects parts for the 2005 Dukes movie and is now semi-retired. Justin "CornDog"
  3. I finally located a good front unibody for the repair. Now I have pretty much everything to put it back on the road. The car you saw with the blue front unibody was GL#008 and the pictures were on the Confederate General Lee fan club. The car is located in Vermont. Justin "CornDog"
  4. Thank you everyone for the welcome. Jamie, I was very glad to get an "Under Construction" article on my GL and hopefully they will do a feature article on it when I finish the car. Roth_Potter, I hope to update the webpage when I have a little more down-time (probably once colder weather starts). I plan to add MANY more pictures and reference every car used in the 2005 and 2007 movies as well. I started posting some of my own personal pictures on the site and then my pictures started popping up on other sites. So I'll need to watermark my pictures before I make any further updates on the page. As for my General Lee... it's a sight, to say the least. The car wasn't the most solid to begin with. It had your typical Charger rust in the rear section of the car. Surprisingly, the floors are very solid and will remain in the car. When the crew built the car for the 1997 Reunion, they just stuffed what appears to be aluminum foil in the rust holes around the back, and then wipe Bondo over it. This car was mostly used for driving scenes in the '97 Reunion. It was the first car seen, when the Dukes found it in the barn.... Romeo the rooster was using it. My car was then seen on the back on the tow truck being hauled to the garage. Then you cut to the scene where they pop the hood, remove the hen from the engine bay, and then blow out the feathers. Off of that is my car but when they show the fast-pace footage of them "fixing" the car and then cranking it, that is GL2. Realistically, it had a much nicer engine bay. My car was used again when "Cam" was driving the Ford and rammed the side of the General Lee, running the Dukes off the road. Anyways, here are a few pictures of my car. This is where it was being used in the 2005 Movie. You can still see the jump damage to the rear of the car. Justin "CornDog"
  5. The antenna used on both Reunion movies was actually an aftermarket am/fm radio antenna. I have one and can take pictures of it if you like. I'll have to look on what company made the antenna. The antenna was missing from my car, but I was able to get the correct one to go back on it. P.S., the .gif image of the car landing above is my car. Justin "CornDog"
  6. I have one of the correct style Reunion antenna. I will post pictures. Justin "CornDog"
  7. Hello everyone. Well, I tried to sign in to the forum and I got an invalid username/password. So I tried the "forget your password" option and it said my email address was not registered. I could have sworn that I was a member here but I guess not. Oh well. Either way.... HELLO!! I've been a Dukes fan longer than I remember.... since I was old enough to stay up as a kid on Friday nights and watch TV (so my mom tells me). My name is Justin Cornette and I am from Jackson Mississippi but I usually go by "CornDog" on many of the forums. I was lucky enough to buy one of the General Lee's from the recent 2005 and 2007 movies. This car is actually better known from it's use on the 1997 Dukes of Hazzard Reunion and 2000 Hazzard in Hollywood Reunion movie. My car was jumped by Craig Baxley Jr. during the 2000 Reunion. Anyways, I'm sure I'll run into some familiar faces around here. Thanks for having me! Justin "CornDog"
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