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  1. Possibly..I came Possibly..I came up with this..Maybe someone can do it better?
  2. All NFs HighStakes gamers be sure to check out my mods..There is something in there for you Dukes Of Hazzard fans:


    Click the NFS HighStakes tab and look under TV and then : Dukes Of Hazzard Police Cars..You'll see these beauties I've made:



    I have also posted info on them here on this thread:


  3. After much searching I see there IS a Need For Speed thread here:roll:, Explains my mine was never posted..Anyway I too love the Need for Speed games but it seems the only ones with good decent driving was NFS3 Hot Pursuit,NFS HighStakes,and NFS Porsche Unleashed..The newer ones from HotPursuit 2 and up seem to have horrible steering and it's like trying to drive a semi in hot pursuit or fleeing..Any way this brings me to what I was gonna say before.. I make police mods for the PC game NFS HighStakes at they are at NFS Police H.Q.,You can find us real easy on Google, and recently I done some o
  4. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  5. Well out of the 2 new movies the 1st was least bad but both were bad..The Begining was just plum horrible..Way out of line with the original story. Why is it so hard for the new movie makers to do this stuff? Just look at some old episodes and go from there..No need to mess up the story and make a warped storyline..Just use what worked back then..It'll still work now.
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