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  1. Sorry to drag up an old thread,but THIS would be awesome,considering the vast size of GTA IV and San andreas,it's not IMPOSSIBLE,Duke fans,Let's get on a developer's case for this!
  2. good question,Probably Bo,I Wanna drive just like him,and yeah,goin' to Cooter's was a dream of mine.

  3. Forgot to mention I AM a boy to avoid confusion
  4. I had the original when I was six,destroyed it,so I want this to take care of and enjoy
  5. There's a new General diecast out,made by Autoworld I hope my parents get me one for my birthday
  6. Thanks,I like what i've seen so far
  7. Thanks,glad i'm on summer vacation so I can catch these
  8. Oh yes,many more,I'll post them to the album
  9. Bo-18 Luke-28 Daisy-25 Uncle Jesse(or as he'd probably tell us"I ain't your Uncle Jesse)-58 Boss-49 Rosco-53 Enos-43 and finally,Cooter-38
  10. Hello,i'm new and my username is after my dog,who's name is from the Dixie horn ,I decide to join after getting back to Michigan after going to the Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg,TN,and found the site.,been a fan since I was 4(now 12!) when a GL clone was in my neighborhood and found the Return of The General Lee game for PS2,then saw the first season in a store and got it for Christmas. Been a fan since
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