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  1. What Dukes items are you selling and for how much ? What are you going to sell on ebay ?
  2. If you go to Tom's Official website you can watch a video of Tom & John answering questions from fans. Edit added by Brian Coltrane: Yes indeed! And I can save you the trip because I just inserted it in this post. Previously, I posted it on our Facebook page and forgot to put it in the Forums, because I had the other Tom interview in the Forums, and....well, I lost my mind. Here ya go: Tom and John scared by "Daisy Duke" driving the General Lee For my money, that was hilarious to picture. Heh!
  3. I loved how in that episode Rosco ate the ice cream when Boss's back went out.
  4. How about the raw liver with coffee in "One Armed Bandits"
  5. I was watching "The Return of Hughie Hogg" and noticed this mistake. When Bo, Luke, and Rosco break out of jail they run to Cooter's to hide. Cletus is also at Cooter's. In the next scene they arrive at the farm and Uncle Jesse says "Where in the world have you boy's been ? Daisy and Cletus have been combing the hills for you". Why would Cletus be combing the hills for them when they're all at Cooter's ?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CP2pvO8eM4&feature=related
  7. That's funny, Blue Bloods is one of the few shows that I watch nowadays. I found another show that Tom appeared in. Its Home Improvement & the episode is called Taking Jill for Granite. Its on youtube, type in Home Improvement 7x17 Taking Jill for Granite. part 1. He's also in another episode of Home Improvement called Jill's Passion. www.imdb.com doesn't have Tom credited as being in Blue Bloods but i'm glad Blue Bloods gave him credit for being in the show.
  8. Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I forgot to add that I have a Dukesfest 2006 poster & the sunday, june 4, 2006 edition of The Tennessean newspaper which talks all about Dukesfest. I have never been to Dukesfest. Thanks Brian, i'll have to check out the topic DukesFest/Hazzard Homecoming.
  9. Tom Wopat was just on the tv show Blue Bloods. The episode was titled "Women with Guns". Tom played a producer for a high-profile reporter.
  10. I also have an 01 orange hoodie, a t-shirt with Boss Hogg, a t-shirt with Cooter & Flash, a t-shirt with Bo, & Luke leaning against General Lee with the hood open that says Good Ole Boys, the "bustin" General Lee t-shirt, a black t-shirt with General Lee & it has a blue & black General Lee (holographic looking), the don't tell bo! i'm the 9.9 million dollar bidder t-shirt, and an orange 01 t-shirt.
  11. Thanks, here's what I have in my collection: A poster titled The Dukes Of Hazzard and Boss Hogg (has Bo, Luke, Daisy, & Boss, & just the drivers side of General Lee) A poster titled The Dukes Of Hazzard and General Lee (has Bo, Luke, Daisy, & General Lee) A Daisy Duke Drawing Pad The Dukes Of Hazzard Pencil Tablet with Bo & Luke A small Dukes Of Hazzard spiral with a picture of the whole cast by a tree (it has Cletus not Enos), then seperate pictures of Luke, Daisy, & Bo A spiral with a picture of Boss Hogg (its a picutre of him giving a speech) The Dukes Of Hazzard 1/64 La
  12. Howdy, i'm from Texas, I have been a fan of the show for a couple of years. I have a Dukes Of Hazzard collection. Where I live I think I am the only fan of the show. One day I want to meet the surviving cast members of the show.
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