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  1. Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo - Tracy Byrd

    Should I admit on a public forum that I have the shaped picture disc of this song? It's shaped like a pair of lips - you don't get that with MP3s :).

    Think of all the stuff these youngsters nowadays are missing out on with MP3s and digital downloads. No groovy album art, no special labels, no special colored records. And no shaped picture disc that looks like a pair of lips. They are totally missing out! :D

  2. Oooo. Nice foreboding there. Grim and dour. Maybe it won't be happy for everybody. In fact, maybe it could be the last story for one of the characters involved. We'll have to find out.

    MaryAnne, I know you're lurking around in the back office somewhere. Do you have an ETA on the forums upgrade? Just in case things go sideways I think we should hold off until it's done, but since Alex has the backup it may not matter. Your opinion, cousin?

    I do not have an ETA for the forums upgrade. As Mufn noted here the forums software purchase is on hold while the county raises funds for it. (Y'all can check out the ChipIn widget on the home page of HNet, on the left hand side if any y'all would like to contribute.)

    Since Alex has a hard copy of the story in progress and it seems like most of the original players are available to particpate, I suggest we carry on and if Alex is willing he can add our new posts to the existing hard copy. (Thank ya Alex!)

  3. *stops in tracks at the taunt. Sees MaryAnne about to turn Diablo into Hazzard's first mobile swimming pool* "GAAH!!" *runs towards the county building, heading for the water spigot where the hose is attached, and turns the handle quickly to shut off the water.*

    *of course, it's impossible to stand here and guard the spigot indefinately, since MaryAnne could come over and do something really unpleasant with the garden hose, water or not. But if she did, that would leave an opportunity to run back to Diablo and drive the car to safety*

    *confident of own logic, can't resist thumbing nose at cousin in friendly challenge* "Nyah!! Thhpbth!!"

    *grins and then pouts when the water is turned off. Gathers up the hose in hand, coiling it while walking toward the spigot* "Nice save, cousin. Of course, I realize you can take off at this point and jump in Diablo and flee to safety." *chuckles on the word 'safety'* "But I know you can't resist a good chase, so you won't go far. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go change into a dry uniform...." *places the gathered hose on the ground near the spigot and then looks at cousin, the blue eyes a mix of mirth and friendly challenge* "...and then I'm gonna chase yer posterior all over this county..."

    (And just a note, whatever chase unfolds should probably be relagated to it's own thread... :) )

  4. Oh, don't worry MaryAnne, we'll ease back into thangs...I was just sayin' that --- *turns to answer MaryAnne, while still having the garden hose in hand going full blast, and unintentionally soaks her completely*

    --- that, uh....ooops! Alex, hold this!!

    *hands Alex the still-running garden hose and takes off running* Welcome baaaaack!!

    *Alex watches then his eyes widen at the saturated Deputy then being presented the hose... he looks down at it then drops it* I er... Brian has hose control issues...

    *shocked by the sudden cold water soaking, stands flustered for a moment and wipes water off her face* "That ain't all he's got!" *spies the still running hose now on the ground and picks it up. Contemplates aiming it at Alex just for a convenient target but decides not too. Turns the hose back toward her patrol car for a moment and then spots Diablo parked nearby.... with windows wide open....*

    *Turns the hose toward the long tail of the Chevy, hosing it down and calls tauntingly after her cousin* "Ohhhh Brian! I think Diablo needs a bath. Lemme wash your car for ya!! Kheeehahahahahahahaha!!"

  5. Alex! This is...uh...overkill. I was thinking about a car chase, not immediate destruction of county property. Though, I gotta hand it to ya for e-fficiency. I nevah thought about wreckin' the patrol car before the chase.

    *fetches a length of garden house from the county building, and turns on the water to hose down the patrol car* Let's think about this. MaryAnne's been gone awhile, maybe we should go easy on her until she's back in the groove.

    Wait. First I'm accused of being too lazy to chase anybody, then Alex wants to torch my car....which would've given me a great excuse to not chase anybody, not that I was lookin' for any excuses to not chase anybody because I'm certainly NOT lazy but...ya know, I need to get my footing here again and I was hoping to get myself acclimated before y'all went bazooka joe with the place.

    *deep breath* Ok. Now, you were sayin'....?

  6. Here's a screengrab of the man I believe to be a 26- or 27-year-old Denver Pyle. The lady on the left is the eponymous Janet Ames, played by Rosalind Russell.


    Dang he was quite dapper looking! I watched the beginning of the movie just to see and hear and yeah, it's him. A little smoother in the voice but you can hear it's him. Wow! :D

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