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  1. It nice to see the TV show Monacos that were used in the fan art. My question is about the Osage County patrol car, did they used the bumper from the 77 Furys that was destroyed and put it on the car, cuase a lot of scenes it had a bumper with turn signals on them and 2 or 3 scenes it didn't which I know they took one of the Chickasaw County patrol cars and changed it. It confused me and I thought the bumper was a different option for the 76 model.
  2. Is that badge on the tow truck able to to be reproduce for a fan art?
  3. Haven't been online lately, I seen the new hazzardnet design and still got to get use to it, seen the latest fan art, son't know if its possible to do different Hazzard County patrol cars from the Georgia episodes to the end of season 1, I know they would have to be scratch made like the other cars but it was an idea, and if you already know what Hazzard had on the 2005 and 2007 films let me know I already know what it is and just don't know if you do.

  4. If you're doing the black and white state police car, mind doing 2, the most common one that was used and the one from Cool Hands Luke and Bo. And I still need the state police from the 2005 film, still need the badge from it cause that is still missing on my list.

  5. I doubt that I'll do any other government cars, but I'll probably do the state car and the Happy Birthday car.

  6. I don't know if you're planning on this, are you gonna do the fan art of Hazzard from Happy Birthday General Lee, the Black State Police car and some of the other government cars.

  7. Sure is akward for Hazzard to have spotlights on their cars than when they haven't on the tv show. You planning to do the one from Happy Birthday General Lee and the black and white State Police car?
  8. That lightbar that was on the first of the Hazzard County Patrol Car models were called MARS Skybolt, alot of Chicago cars and New York City cars had those in the 70s. What gets me is, how come they didn't come out with the other County Patrol cars.
  9. I saw you updated your Roseville badge and changed it in the fan art and that is pretty good, when you get freetime, mind enlarging that and send it to me.

  10. Line 1: Folks passing Osage best keep on passing. Causeits patroled by Sheriff R.P. Cathcart. Now most folks calls him Droopy. Cause he resembles a blood hound. Line 2: Now that there is Colonel Cassius B. Claybourne himself. The most feared county boss of all the south. He runs Osage because he owns it. Now he's looking to take Hazzard away from Ol Boss. Regarding to the patrol cars, I'm thinking that Osage was a 76 instead of a 75, there was a difference between Osage and Chickasaw, the turn siginal lense in the front bumper. Osage was mainly the only one having that in most shots, other sho
  11. The model was a 79 model, that was the mostly used van model ever used in the show, not alot of General Motors and Dodge vans were used in the show.
  12. I'm not looking forward to be perfect, I am need of that decal and I also need the Roseville logo enlarged as well so I can send it to my buddy who was doing his Hazzard County mod for GTA.

  13. I don't see the point in doing the Reunion decals when the center is the same as the Roseville logo. I can't get any better quality screengrabs to show me the detail that's currently missing, so I wouldn't be able to do a very good version.

  14. Are you still planning to do the Reunion decals on the Hazzard County Patrol Cars.

  15. Well the last 2 patrol cars in there that were new was Osage and the State Black, however the State Black was a different car due to the chrome side trim, the hubcaps and the spotlights on the a pillers. That was I believe a redress Chickasaw Car.

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