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  1. lol why did they do that? i've read something but i never paid attention, i thought it was a joke, a General Lee without the flag is not a general !
  2. Yes, it's definetely by the lens or looks like the lens had another lens on top of it ..something like that.
  3. i found a pretty darn well example of what i'm talking about Season 7 - Sittin Dukes - 33:00 When Roscoe Patrol car arrives to the duke farm, check the lights on top of the car...that's a perfect example !
  4. This flare goes in motion , the strange thing is that it's not a flare from the actual car glass , it's overlapping it... Watch the actual scene on video , i posted this example because im going thru season 7 , i cannot remember other exact moment but happens many times thru all the seasons, i will try to find another one on the older seasons.
  5. Hoss, it's not that, i will post a screenshot right away, i noticed the camera equipment as well
  6. On the Waylon Jennings museum episode (season 7) you can clearly see this at 30:05 when three cars go by
  7. love this post ! i always noticed that most of the times they swapped cars at the very last minute when they burned or big explosions, they put low value cars or wrecks.
  8. wow how cool is that !!!! thanks for the info again Hossc! btw who is Travis Bell?
  9. thanks for the info, i noticed this specially on some sixth season episodes
  10. I noticed the same thing, the fall guy has some jumps that were models, and they moved and "weight" the same as the one they used on the dukes, i wonder where are those miniatures now. Did you happen to see the behind the scenes rare footage on youtube? it's gone now , thanks for the link!
  11. Yes found it on your amazing thread , killer for sure !!! Thanks and this is mega interesting !
  12. Thanks a lot HossC !!! After all this years , we have soooo much to learn from the Dukes ! Neat and interesting great information !!! another place that got my attention was in season six as well, when the two bad guys were running into an abandoned plant i believe it was "Close call for daisy" when Nervous Norman runs into the plant
  13. cool fact !!!! i remember another thing when knight rider goes against a orange charger as well
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