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  1. Many thanx Gentleman.. Well i am actually a 2in1 deal :) As i am German but from Dubai LOL. I dont konw if you have any german fans here on the forums? Carlos, did you build your General yourself? Since about a year i am looking for Generals/ Companies to build one... It seems VERY tricky though
  2. Hi Hoss.. many thanx for the warm welcome I really like this site What an honor to be the first one from Dubai here :)
  3. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  4. Welcome to HazzardNet :).

  5. Gentleman, since a long time i am looking for somebody who can build me a nice General Lee. I came across many companies such as BK Auto, Smith Brothers, Dynamicautorestoration, Jakes general lee store, etc. I have also found some Generals on Ebay but somehow i wasnt really convinced:-? Does anybody have some good tips for me... maybe experiences with the above mentioned companies? The interesting thing is that the price varies ALOT.. i mean there is a huge difference between the prices i got from the different companies.. Any of you guys knows a good builder or anybody has a good General Lee for Sale? Many thanx in advance.
  6. Hello, as the title says i am a German Expatriate who live in Dubai since 2006. I am a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan since my Childhood and the General Lee is my dream car since forever I am glad that i found this site, and i am sure it will be very helpful in finding or building a General Lee.
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