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  1. Wife and I are flying to Atlanta on Wed. Staying at her sister's families place north of Atlanta. Planning on going Saturday(but could possibly go Sunday instead). Im hoping to get the autographs and take in the experience. Anything I should know about beforehand? thanks, Jeff
  2. I have tickets booked and flying to GA on Wednesday from Fargo, ND. Wife and I are staying at the sister-in-laws north of Atlanta for the long weekend. planning on going to the reunion on Saturday. Anything special I should know about? I wonder how crazy the autograph lines are going to be?
  3. Hey, welcome! This is the coolest site on earth!

  4. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  5. Ima newbie here, and I just watched this episode last night and was wondering where Bo was? Maybe he was out for a few episodes this season that I dont remember. I believe Waylon said he was with the Marine reserves or something. thanks all!
  6. Hello everyone, I finally got registered to your great site. Been lurking for awhile now. I look forward to BSing in the future. As most of you, I have been a Dukes fan since it first aired when I was 5 years old. Great show, great car. I was lucky enough to find a mock General a couple years ago in the Minneapolois area that I get to drive around with pride in the summers up here in Moorhead, MN. Hopefully I can get a picture to work. later, Jeff