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  1. Decals are on! Now everyone can see the selection of services that Cooter offers. (thanks to Jeff at JT-Graphics.com). Also starting to do some interior signage Untitled by mommydawn2000, on Flickr by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  2. Yes- the main difference is that a 1/25 tree is WAY bigger than HO, so nobody sells them! I could almost have used a bonsai tree!
  3. Its actually 'sculpting wire'; solder is a bit softer. I'm covering it with an epoxy putty from the plumbing section at Home Depot. Mark
  4. Gettin' back to it... The 'shade tree mechanic' needs a shade tree, so... by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  5. I was more in to KR at the time, so I agree! I thought of it as a little KITT. M
  6. My first was a 1981 Mazda 626 coupe. Shortly thereafter I had a 1983 Pontiac Fiero; a constant maintenance headache, but I loved the car!
  7. I grew up with the show, but have had a stronger resurgence of my 'fandom' in the last few years. I dove heavily into the show since then and have come to understand why it appeals to me. However, I know few people who are still interested enough to talk about different aspects of the show- that's why I come here. So for the past few years, I've been wallowing in my Dukes fandom in relative isolation. That is until this week! Yes, I have strong feelings about the current controversy, but really I'm having a great time seeing so much Dukes on the news and places like Facebook. And how cool is it to see Ben Cooter Jones on tv! I hope this all creates a windfall for his 3 'Cooter's Place' locations and brings fans back to the show. Mark
  8. RogerDuke; as long as you don't come in the summer it should be a pleasant trip! But you should do it; the south is beautiful most times of year; I recommend early fall. We get out of FL every chance we get; in fact as I type this we are headed back up to the "Hazzard" part of Georgia now! Might stop in Covington again if we have time. Mark
  9. The GG is fun but I find it interesting how the U.S. flag doesn't lend itself to a car rooftop as well because of the asymmetry.
  10. Yes from season one and two; take a look at the title sequence! (or my profile picture)
  11. Who knows what it is? Still needs to be a little dirtier to be perfect... my hat by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  12. OK, I know I'm late to this thread, but I had to mention that the idea of an '02' dukes car is brilliant! Of course for clarity's sake on a tv show it probably makes more sense to have distinct painjobs for different characters, but its still a fun idea. If there was ever an updated series with another generation of Dukes, I could see a late model muscle car with an 02 scheme making sense. M
  13. Old thread, but here are some screen caps for those interested: yellow wrecker screencaps by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  14. After going around a lot of theories, I think you all are right; it looks to me like police car doors. Yes, they certainly had enough parts on hand. In addition to he Hazzard patrol cars, the dodge Monaco was also popular choice for the standard 'sedan' of various colors for bad guys, etc. M
  15. Can anyone ID what kind of car these doors come from? car doors by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  16. Every once in a while you get a little of the backstory of the characters- specifically that they have all known each other all their lives in a small town and for whatever reason have ended up in the adult roles that they are in (law enforcement, etc.). Despite rivalries, different moral codes, or being on opposite sides of the law, everybody care about each other on some level whether they want to or not. Its a very 'small town' dynamic. Mark
  17. The screencaps are great! HossC- those are the best pics I've seen of that 'shed' structure next to the Garage! Mark
  18. Do you mean the garage is in Delirious, or Hazzard Square in general? Mark
  19. OK, here it is from 'Coltrane Vs. Duke' in season 4 (more info after the picture): cooter's phone by mommydawn2000, on Flickr Turns out that particular number has an interesting history. From Wikipedia: "In the United States, 311 was sometimes used as a fictitious area code in Bell System advertisements depicting telephones; often the phone in the advertisement would bear the specific number "Area Code 311 555-2368." This fictitious phone number was used in the 1979 horror film When a Stranger Calls; in the opening of the television series The Rockford Files; in the 1984 film Ghostbusters; and on two episodes of the second season of the TV series Mission: Impossible: episode 22 titled "The Killing" (on the killer's phone) and, fourth season, episode 12, titled "Time Bomb" (on a phone at a nuclear plant in a fictitious country). 311 555-2368 was also used in numerous episodes of The Bionic Woman as the private phone number of Jaime Sommers in her coach house. At the end of a 1963 episode of Route 66, titled "Kiss the Monster, Make Him Sleep," Linc calls his estranged father at a number having area code 311. The number 311-555-9845 was used for a radio station hotline in episode 1, season 1, of the TV show A.L.F. This area code is also used as the area code for Sunnyvale, California (which is actually 408) in the 1983 movie WarGames during the "war dialing" sequence where the main character is searching for a video game company's modem pool. "
  20. The product placement stuff (especially for little things) doesn't happen as much on series TV as it does in features- there simply isn't time week to week to do much other than get a name 'cleared'. Its always easier to just hide the name. One common trick is turning cans/boxes away from camera (like in a grocery store). As for Knight Rider, I think they went away from calling it a 'Trans Am' because they wanted KITT to seem unlike any other car. Back to Cooter's CB: here is reference shot: Cooter's CB by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  21. Not sure which ep that's from- you probably would know better than me. I've been researching Cooter's garage for my model and not keeping very good track of which episodes the caps are from. I was going to do more 'spot the prop' posts, but then I realized all of these 'nuggets' of trivia I've come up with are in the garage, so it wouldn't be very challenging! So maybe I'll just post some of the things I've discovered in the garage for the sake of being interesting. There is actually a lot of 'set dec' on that one set even though there are changes from season to season. I've taken to collecting some of the bits and pieces that I've ID'd just for fun; my own DOH collection that nobody else has! Mark
  22. It is visible a lot more than this, but I can't find the caps right now. If you look closely, you'll find it in this picture though.
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