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  1. I am a long time fan of the Dukes,and my school grades reflex that. Every Friday night,I would be perched in front of the TV,snacks and drink in front of me,brothers,and cousins. I was disappointed when the series was cancelled in 1985.When they were broadcast on TNN in 1995,I jumped for joy and started taping them. Maybe when I die,my casket will be orange,with an 01 on the sides,and the conferedate flag on top.My tombstone might have a General Lee on it.
  2. Same here,I started taping them.I could've had parties .I was considering parties when the reunion and hollywood movies were broadcast. There are youngsters in the family which I hope will watch the shows.(hopefully not imitate the stunts)
  3. If Boss was replacing the cars all the time,that would help today's economy.
  4. Are you aware the cars were extensively modified before each jump,and each jump was calculated?
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