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    Hi, i'm Matt and I'm a huge fan of the dukes of hazzard been watchin' since i was 9
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    Leeds, England (moving to georgia hopefully though)
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    The dukes of hazzard!!! muscle cars and hot rods
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    at school, but wotk part time as a mechanic

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  1. you got it roger, i here till the end of the road
  2. sorry to hear bout ya harry. hope you win the battle buddy just remember keep it 'tween the ditches
  3. yeah think i mentioned above i've been watchin' it since i was 9 and those remakes are rubbish!!!!!!!! nothing and no one could ever beat the original cast, settings, cars and all that jazz. thanks for helpin' with the avatar, i'll set one up when i get time, too busy watchin 'the dukes'. i'm on episode 19 season 3 at the minute
  4. Welcome to Hnet cousin! :D

  5. welcome to Hazzardnet hope you enjoy your stay

  6. Hi, i'm Matt, i'm 15 and live in leeds,england (will be moving to georgia soon though) i'm am a huge fan of the dukes, i have this uncontrollable love for it. think y'all understand, seen as y'all duke fans too. my other interests are muscle cars and hot rods. can y'all tell me how i get a picture at the side of my name?
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