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  1. Does anyone know what the 3 episodes are?
  2. Hi Roger, thanks for the welcome (and to those others who welcomed in others posts as well.) "Boss Behind Bars" is where the Beaudrys' truck gets stuck in their own ditch, right? Were they ever fished out and arrested in that episode?
  3. Is this the episode where Bo & Luke shove the Beaudrys into their chicken coop?
  4. Okay, still new here and learning to navigate this site: What are the episodes with the Beaudrys in them and what happens in each?
  5. Didn't those two old timers have a history of going a long way back of knowing each other? All's I remember that Jesse somehow got even with the Boss when Hogg was about to win money over a race or something and Jesse just announced on the loud speaker that Boss was going to donate the money to charity or something. To protect his good name, Boss reluctantly gave in, but they celebrated with hot dogs and other snacks. Which episode was this?
  6. Did I miss something here? An alien? Must've lost interest the Dukes back then. I looked on wikipedia and was wondering if these different story plots are the reason why the show came to an end. Discuss anything in the final season here.
  7. thanks for being my friend now.

  8. hi welcome to Hnet hope you enjoy your stay

  9. I asked this in my intro thread, but doesn't this season have an episode with the Beaudrys?
  10. Hello. I remember my babysitter got me into this show! This is probably an odd choice for a favorite show, but it was one of them with the Beaudry's (weren't there only two episodes) and I was wondering if someone could tell me which one it was and what box set it's on: The episode I like is not the one where the Beaudry's get trapped in their own trap. I think they were doing something to Daisy (the other episode.) All's I remember, the Beaudrys put up quite a fight. They weren't easily beaten like other bad guys were. Thanks for all your help.