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  1. lol idk what there doing..

  2. Are you joining our story or doing something else within mine and Ellys story?

  3. LOL no just supposed to get lots of rain here.

  4. LOL hey whats up...check out my new signature when ya get time if you want of course and if you want tell me what ya think.

  5. LOL its fine..i understand how it is being busy

  6. LOL I've been good and I'm pretty good right now..could be better.

  7. Hey lol..I havne't talked to you in awhile!

  8. lol your welcome and im good!

  9. I'm sorry if that made you mad...i was just writing my thoughts out loud..sorry..really sorry..but still..really sorry, I will honestly try to be better.

  10. LOL hey haven't talked to you in awhile.

  11. Thank you, I know I know I'm slacking, I again know I suck at writing, but those are my thoughts but still.

  12. okay when you do just look for the person named Kristen Cheyanne Wall, thats me! lol theres a chat room too.

  13. LOL my christmas was fun, got an MP3 player and a bunch of clothes.

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