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  1. Wow!! I am still high on cloud 9 right now from last night….It was sooooo awesome!! I promise I will try not to ramble and make my story uncomprehendable ( Is that even a word, spell check is telling me no!)….But I wouldn’t count on it…So anyways I reckon I will start from the beginning…. So it was finally Thursday, and I was dead tired…I had been up for a couple days straight making a cookbook for my grandma for our family reunion in about 3 weeks. She needed it done ASAP so copies could be made. So I was slow to start and didn’t make it up to the fair until about 12. I didn’t even get my ‘01’s on my nails yet. I was still waiting for the orange to dry. So we walked around, and around. I was going to ride the rides, but there was only three that would allow single riders, and I didn’t have anyone to ride with until later that night. So I continued walking around, a couple hours had passed now. And then I heard someone say “oh that’s cool†and the other person said “What?†They said “That Dukes Car†Hahaha I lost track of everything and turned around…low and behold there was that there pretty orange car we know and love called the General Lee!! It had just arrived, just as I got over to it, they made the announcement that it had arrived. Along with the General Lee was Dave’s Mobile Dukes Museum. It was this little trailer type thing that was filled with Dukes of Hazzard Memorabilia. It was soo cool. It was a little space, but it was packed. I took pictures, and I will have to post them somewhere later. It was really interesting. I wish I had looked longer, but there was a good many people going through it. The couple that owned the General was really nice. I talked to the girl, her name was Jill, gosh for probably a good hour…She loves John Schneider! She had various picture albums of 8X10’s and some of her personal pictures from different events on a table for everyone to look at. It was really neat, she had a lot of cool pictures. Right now I wish I had taken a picture of the one with John and he was holding a chicken….I had never seen it before. When everyone was talking, Alma came over and took a look at the museum and the car. Then she left to go sit things up. A little bit later here comes Cooter in the golf cart. He came to see the car and the museum. He went in and looked around for a good while. Then a whole bunch of kids came and he talked to them. It was soo great to see that. That little kids still love the Dukes and how they love meeting the cast. The one little boy was telling Cooter “it was no wonder that them Duke Boys always got away from them cop car, cause them cop cars were always crashing and running into things, I don’t know how they got anywhere!†All the kids that went away from talking to Cooter had the biggest smile on their faces. It was like they just won the lottery. He looked like he really enjoyed everyone. I was standing there watching and listening and he looked over at me and said “Hi There! How are you doing?†I replied great and he said he liked my shirt. I had about 20 people tell me they really liked my shirt! 8) Then he asked me if I was coming to Hazzard Homecoming… I replied it was doubtful because of some circumstances (Our dear sweet Betsy, our car, decided to die about 2 weeks ago…transmission, brakes, and some other odds and ends, so right now it’s on the line if I get to go or not) But I went last year and it was a lot of fun. He said that I should come this year, the whole cast is gonna be there and it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun. I said I really wish I could, maybe next year, if they have one. He said alrighty then and asked if I was going to come to the show tonight. I said I sure was. Then it was time for him to go and he said bye to everyone. Then is when I went in the museum thingy. One other funny story. They had all these models of The General in there, including some of the oes they made black and chrome. There was a little boy about 4 who was looking at them. He pointed to the black one and said “That ain’t the General Lee, The Duke boys drove that orange one, they never drove a black thing! That ain’t right!!†it was soo cute….Then he was like, I like the orange one better anyways!!†So after that…or maybe it was before that…I’m really not sure, everything is kind of a jumble. But I was talking to Jill, the lady who owned the General….well half the General…I think she told someone that she owned the half that John signed, the other was her husbands. But anyways I was looking at her pictures and they had a whole bunch where they were in the General Lee, and I said I had never got to sit in a General Lee yet. So a little bit later, what do you know! They let me sit in it and get my picture taken. When she told me I could, I told her “If I could jump up and down right now without anyone asking why I would†I was ecstatic!! So I Was in the General….I got to put my hands on the wheel….hahaha you have no idea how excited I was…..So I got my picture taken. Then I talked a bit more and then I seen Cooter was signing autographs and taking pictures, so I made my way down to that building with my scrapbook page in hand…Oooo I’ll have to post a picture of that. So we went down, and my mama had finally met up with us. We went and stood in line, probably about an hour. Then just as I was the next one in line, they cut it and said it was time for him to be in the parade. He was going through in the General. Haha he made the announcement that he would be back and stay all night if he had to to sign autographs. Then he looked at me and said “There you are again! Don’t worry I’ll get back to ya.†Then he looked at Alma and said “She was at homecoming last year†She said Oh really!! That’s cool and something else. I told her yea that he was the only one I didn’t get to see last year. She said don’t you worry, you’ll get to see him today. Just remember you was first in line and line up that way. (hahahahahahahahaha if only that worked) So I went and watched the parade. I wish my brain would have worked to realize he was in the passenger side and for me to get on that side to take pictures. But here is one, if you look close he is waving!! So when it was over, I went back in and he came in and started singing. He sang the older songs, and I loved it! He just seemed soo happy to be up there. I remember one of the things he said, that I remember him saying at Homecoming last year was “I’m not a singer, I’m an actor….I act like I sing.†He talked in between the songs, and it was just reallt really nice. Everyone seemed to be enjoying theirselves. Everyone was tapping their toes and bouncing in their seats to the music. I took some pictures, but they didn’t turn out the best, so I recorded some. But he is a picture I liked while he was singing. So then when his show was done, and of course the last song he sang was the good ol’ boys. 8) I loved that. I think the song I like him most singing is Rocky Top. Anyways after the show he went to sign more autographs. And of course, the people that was in the actual autograph line, got shoved backwards by the people who decided they wanted to make a new line, and so they all got in front of the original ones that were in line. So I stood there another hour. It was ok, we had people to talk to! Then finally I was the next one, he seen me and started laughing and said “There you are! I have seen you all day today, and you finally made it here!†Then he gave me a hug!! 8) WOO HOO!! Well since we can only have 4 pictures per post...I am going to finish my story in the next post... 8)
  2. Speaking of cars dying....Ours now has a new booo boo...but she (We named her Betsy) died in our drive way...so that was nice...annnd There was a nice trail of liquid down the driveway and up the road. When daddy looked it was the transmission fluid...all in a puddle on the ground... lol....So she has to be towed to the garage... :( It could be worse I guess

  3. Hahahaha....Well Cooter is only gonna be bout 15 minutes away!! I'm really excid especially since he was the only one that I did not get to see last year...

    As for homecoming....I wish I could go too....Me and mama took a four day vacation to Jersey and New York to see my new love Celtic Thunder...well some of the group. And I was supposed to pick between that and Hazzard Homecoming, there was a chance we could still go to homecoming but it would be less. And then everything went wrong at once....so it is doubtful now.... 8( And that makes me sad seeing that everyone is goin to be there...and ol Luke Duke is the only one I haven't met yet...

    Yikes!! That isn't gooddying while driving....We have the same problem...it is like the car thinks it is funny...They just go kaapphlooeey on you and then when they get to the mechanic they are perfect little angels and everyone thinks you are crazy.

    But I hope that it can be fixed soon....hopefully they find what is wrong!!

  4. You know...I sat down today saying I was going to reply to you.....that was an hour and a half ago....I keep getting distracted... :/

  5. Hahaha I dunno how much of a summer it is going to be....it shall be interesting though.... And awww look on the brightside....Its the weekend!! WOOO! lol...

    Yea I know....I'm gonna have to go buy me some lottery tickets....Our car really needs fixed before going on a five hour drive to Virginia.... :/ But on the bright side I get to see Cooter in 26 days! YEEEE HAAAWW!!!

  6. Yes they are!! I was super sad I didn't get a John hug last year....it is looking doubtful this year too :( I could use one....

    Awww they lost? Thats no fun....Did you have good seats? And hahaha I seen on the News last night that the Pirates were at the top....I bout fell off me seat...I was glad to hear it.... But maybe your Cubs will do well on their future games! :p

    Everything is absolutely wonderful with me!! For the most part at least! :p I finally get a summer, my online class is OVER!! WOOO HOOOO!! And I try not to be a stranger...someones my mind just wonders awaay....

  7. Howdy Howdy!! Long time no talk toooo!! HIIIII HOW ARE YOUUUU!?!?!?!?!

    So how was the Cubs game? Did they win?

    And as for the hugs, true they are better when they are voluntary....and they are even better when they are from JOHN!! :p

  8. Howdy Y'all!! I just realized that I said I was going to upload more to facebook and post the link....Well I did upload them, I just never did post the link....if you all want to take a look. They are basically everything I seen...A lot may look the same...but have fun!! 8) http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2340676961060.135072.1374015528&type=3&l=2ea16cfb57 annnd the third and final set of them http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2362936837543.136027.1374015528&type=3&l=19fe95c93e Hope everyone is having a great day!
  9. Hey!! Howdy!! Hi!!!! How are yoooou?? Long time noo talk too!

  10. Hahaha...But but but....It's a big room....with bouncy walls...and they give you a jacket that makes you hug yourself!! Hugs are niiiccee!! :p Oh I bet you will have fun at the Cubs game....If I recall right that was your favorite team! And thanks I'm gonna need some luck!! Wish some would have worn off chasing leprehauns.....

  11. Hahaha trust me I would love a summer vacation....I basically do but everyday is dedicated to child psychology. The teacher has every bit of information she would have put in a normal semester into four weeks! :( Hahahaha you could go temporary insane....that would get you a small vacation....So why don't you have that option? :p

  12. Technically it is summer vacation. But I took a summer class...it is online, my advisor didn't inform me of that when I signed up for it...it is horrible!! There is no teaching what so ever....I don't even know how it is considered a class!!

  13. Howdy Howdy!! I know it has been forever! I finally got the chance to get away from school work at the moment..and thought Id visist my old home away from home!! :p So how are you doing? What have you been up to?

  14. Howdy!! Hows you? Do I know you? I think I remember you!? :p So how have you been?

  15. Howdy Y'all... Yep you sure are right...he is a great guy, and really awesome to meet....Gosh its been bout 4 years now (GAH! I'm gettin old!) I meet him in Pittsburgh....I had no clue where we were going, my parents said we was going to Build -A-Bear...we got there and I seen a sign that said Henry Winkler will not be appearing due to the flu...so we went up the escalator and I got to meet Shirley Pheeny (Cindy Williams) from Laverne and Shirley and Joanie (Erin Moran) from Happy Days...and this was at a car show.... Then I seen a feller with a General Lee model....so my reaction was "OH MY GOSH IS THE GENERAL LEE HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" And my mama was like I dunno is it? So we walked around and whatta ya know...there it is!! And guess who was standin beside it... COOTER!! I was sooo excited....Stood in line almost five hours....no thanks to everyone cuttin.... But when we got up to him he just chatted up a storm, and like Roger said, like he had been your friend for years...and he took his time and signed everything, and personalized it, and put little hearts on it. He even signed "Woof" for Flash on my one picture....Gosh he was sooo nice....I can wait till August!!!
  16. Howdy Y'all....I was recently told by a friend that Ben Jones would be attending a fair around me....I didn't believe her at first, cause I thought boondocky place...but then Luke attended this fair too....So I got on their facebook page, because they ain't known for keepin their website up to date, and whatta you know....He is actually gonna be there!! Thursday August 2, 2012 at the Garrett County Agricultural Fair in Garrett County Maryland.... He will be driving a General Lee through the Farmers Parade and then later on performing with his band... 8) Here are the screencaps from the page: and And here is the link for the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/garrettcountyfair Sooooo excited.....Thought I would let everyone know!
  17. Hahahahaha... Soooooo How is that workin for ya? Yeppers...I could use a John hug! Next year I will probably go get in Cooter's line first because ran out of time this year to see him. Unless Tom Wopat is there then I'll be in his line then my parents can stop rubbin it in they have got to see him and meet him...blah blah blah.... hahaha That is all I hear when I mention meetin the Duke Boys..
  18. Yea they are right...talk to the band director and go to a practice...I think you will know if you want to join after a practice. Do not let what others want interfere with what you want...But I do know from personal experience one practice did it for me... When I was told to join the high school marching band by my advisor I thought ok that will be really cool and I will get to be in the local parades. Then they started sending the forms and information...I thought ok I will try it...I was in the percussion section...Girls were deemed to girly to play the drums so they got put on the keyboards, which I was fine with that...until they stuck me with playing the symbols...Not fun...at all...I did not like it, they did not pay any attention to the percussion section...I sat there through one song and didn't play...they never said a word or mentioned it. I did not like the music or the vibe from the group. It was an all day practice. We played for like 3 hours...3 hours banging annoying symbols together...HA.. and then watched the movie that our music was coming from. Not very productive... I didn't like it at all... but I went...and because I went I knew what I wanted. Cause you never know until you try...and it is an interestin learning experience...Hopefully your school has a better marching band and what not than ours did.
  19. HOLAAAAA!! HOW ARE YOOOOU??? It's been a while!! And I see that I haven't ever replied back to your last visitor message.. But yes I am getting old!! It seems like yesterday I was colorin pertty pictures and swingin outside with not a care in the world...and now I am in college...But yer not ancient!! :) And Hazzard Homecoming was amazing I was sooo glad I got to go...I hope they have it agai next year... You been keepin up with Blue Bloods? And I wish Tom Selleck wasn't so gruff in all his new roles...but still love him... lol :)

    So how have you been? Gotten into any trouble lately? hahaha :p Hope all is well!! :D

  20. THIS IS GREAT!!!!! Thank you so much all of you!! But what is not so great of me is that I just now seen this, and I thought for sure it had only been about a week since I was last on Hazzardnet, and when I logged in tonight Its been almost three weeks!!! I reckon I should take my nose out of them college books more often! I can't believe I missed this...Dumb English papers!! =) Anyways thanks everyone...And Hoss you were right when I seen this I couldn't stop smiling...and still haven't!! Since I first found this place I have loved it...I think there were times I was on it probably 12 or more hours a day....I loved to read what everyone else had to say....and still do...Everyone has been almost like family and everyone is sooo nice...I could not ask to be part of a better website!! I really don't know what to say except for my face hurts from smiling =) I'm kinda speechless...ha, thats a first....but thank you all so much for being such great people!! 8) And sorry I am a wee bit late for seeing this!!
  21. Howdy Howdy Howdy!! Hows you?? I just realized I never replied to your last message!! :( Yep I've watch "Blue Bloods"...the summer before it aired I did a count down to the day it premired, cause I love Tom Selleck. That and I was on a Magnum PI phase, where I would spend my day watching those DVD's....So I was super dooper excited to see that he was going to be in a new television show... Though I didn't realize that Danny was from New Kids on the Block....I really like the show from what little I get to see...I usually forget it is on.. :/ I see previews for it all the time, but then I always forget...I'm gettin old!! :p Anyways what have you been up to new? Well hope all is going well! :)

  22. Ohh my gosh!! It has been a long time!! How are you? What have you been up to? I've been great!!

  23. Hi....I apologize...I think my computer sent my message thingy like 10 times...I dunno it went crazy! Sorry!! :)

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