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  1. Okay, first of all, I am fond of the original characters mostly. I don't get into all the others, except in a few exceptions. I like any story that involves Enos of course (name says it all LOL), but anything that involves the whole family is great. I especially liked Jamanda's stories, and some of the ones on fanficiton.net like Hazzard Halloween, Drought, Fallen, etc. I can't remember all the names right off, but I also like the ones that portray JD in a little darker light with Rosco and company trying to sort it out. Rosco is great in anything he's featured in, and good solid interaction between Bo and Luke is also great. Maybe I'm getting off-track here, but you get the point, I hope. God bless ya'll for bringing back STORIES!!
  2. I'm not sure where this post will end up in the order here, but I wholeheartedly agree with the "NO" vote for one-liners in rrs. I liked the idea of placing the stories where the authors were just talking to each other and NOT the readers on some line where they aren't visible to the rest of us readers. I am a die-hard fan of this show and the fanficiton written for it, ever since it first came on TV. I am decades from being a teenager, but still enjoy the exploits of these characters. I cannot write, as I have stated before, but I LOVE to read. Thank you, moderators, for doing all you can to ensure that all of us readers have something to read.
  3. I'm not complaining just to complain, I just wanted to let ya'll know how I felt. I used to enjoy reading the stories here, some of them very good, I just can't follow a lot of them anymore. Guess my lack of internet/technical experience is showing, but I like a story that contains something even if it's bad. I can't write to save my life, but I love a good story and follow several sites. I do want to thank all the writers out there for all their efforts. God bless ya'll.
  4. Thanks for the support. I used to enjoy coming here, but with these younger writers, it seems like they're texting to each other only using the writing board to do it. It's boring and the stories are all the same. I love Daisy/Enos, but does every story have to have a rape, pregnancy, and Daisy questioning everything she used to believe in? I realize this is fanfiction, but rape and its consequences have long-lasting effects, not the brush-off it receives here. And my version of Daisy is not the meek, depressed, woe-filled girl here. Sorry for venting, I'm just frustrated. Thanks for listening.
  5. Hi. First of all, I'm a reader, now a writer, but I enjoy most of the stories I find here. Is there any Enos/Daisy/boys writer willing to take on the time period between them all leaving Hazzard and meeing at the reunion? I mean, about Daisy meeting LJ, how Luke got into firefighting, Bo into NASCAR, etc. I am into Daisy/Enos, so I'd like something that covers his reaction to her marriage, going to college, etc, but would take anything. I'm not a fan of 500 page, one liner stories, but would appreciate anyone's feedback. No flames, please, I really am an avid fan of DOH. Thanks, Marilyn
  6. I posted this question in the fanfiction section, but was told to try here, too. I am looking for an old story about a bank robbery I think. Anyway toward the end of the story, Cooter sneaks into Tri-County hospital and finds Enos in the recovery room and they go out together to find Daisy. Enos' patrol car had been fired upon by robbers getting away and he'd crashed. They find Daisy and she and Enos are kissing at the end. I'm not sure what happened after that, I think it was toward the end. Does anyone remember it? Or know where it is? I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks and God bless.
  7. Hey, first of all, I love almost any Dukes story I read. I am usually a lurker, loving the talent of all ya'll writers. But, what has happened to the stories here? I have been trying to read round robin ones and just get confused. There is some continuity, but they jump around to places that characters weren't before and it's hard to follow. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts, but is there some way for you to re-read the back story so you can keep it on the same sheet of music? Thanks for the efforts anyway.
  8. I have a question about a story. I'm not sure if it's here or fanfiction.net I can't remember the whole thing, but in the later chapters, Cooter is sneaking around in a hospital and finds Enos, who's been in an accident chasing a car. They leave the hospital to find Daisy, who's been kidnapped, and end up out in the woods, where Daisy and Enos get together. I think Chickesaw is involved somewhere and bank robbers, but I'm just not sure. I've been looking thru the forums, but can't locate it. Thanks for any and all help. See ya'll
  9. Hey, enosgal here. Does anyone out there have copies of the reunion movies on tape or DVD who'd be willing to make me a copy? I missed them completely as I was stationed outside the US at the time and now have no access to cable. I'm willing to pay postage and materials. Thanks a bunch. I first saw Dukes in AZ while stationed in Yuma- that territory sure looked familiar LOL. thanks, Marilyn
  10. Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to those chats. This time of year all we have are cold nights (at least until April) LOL. I love the folks here everyone is so friendly. That's the way it should be everywhere as far as I'm concerned. But, I'll get off my soapbox.
  11. We had a minor thaw (up to 30 on the plus side), but didn't last more than 2 days so that wasn't long enough to melt anything too badly. Now, it's back to our normal +teens during the day and -something at night. I wish we'd gotten some snow out of it, we need a bit more for spring thaw. Oh well, February and March are our wettest winter months so we'll get some more soon. Good luck and hope you don't have any problems with all the mess. Marilyn
  12. Thanks, how's the weather in Montreal? I'm in northern MN, so I imagine it's about the same, white and frozen. LOL
  13. hey, thanks for all the emails to straighten me out. I can basically do email and look up a few things, but this technology is a bit much for me. I learned to type on a MANUAL typewriter if that's any indication of my age. LOL. I like Rosco, too-the way he and Enos interacted was great and I love seeing it in the shows I have now. They never used James Best as much as they could have, either. Oh well, hindsight is always clearer to us common folks.
  14. Yes I am. I found fanfiction.net about a month ago and have devoured all the Dukes I found there. Love it and all the writers, but I'm always looking for more Enos stories. His character has always struck a cord with me and I was always hoping they would use him and develop his character more on the series, but unfortunately, they never did. That's what fanfic is for tho, right? LOL see ya'll around
  15. It is literally a cool place, we topped out at 22 degrees today with snow. Yes, we have wolves in our area, but they're shy so we don't see them much unless they run across the road or something. We do hear them howling at night though. We also have moose, bald eagles, lots of deer, coyotes and horned owls to name a few. It's a great place to live especially if you like outdoor stuff. thanks for the reply, I'll try to answer everyone who talks.
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