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  1. Rog! I got big news for ya!

  2. what do you mean by adding a post?

  3. I havent been following it

  4. sure poor Luke can use one

  5. aw thank you. Im glad you like it. It's kinda sad...

  6. Correction: No...it's not working today...Im not sure what's going on with it

  7. looks like she got it to work now...

  8. BoJames has switched servers and as a result can no longer access HazzardNet. Do you need to add her server from this end or something? Her new server is http://www.aol.co.uk/talktalk


  9. Ok...well we were kinda waiting for you to be on...so dont think that we took off without ya...

    College is tough, but Im sure you'll do fine:)

  10. Im in a chat if you can...

  11. You live in Clio? Clio as in where? There's a town by me called Clio....where I grew up...

  12. Wow we have a lot in common...you are a teacher...so am I....you been married ten years....I have been married 11... very cool!! Again welcome to hnet.

  13. LOL well yer only human..:) But thanks!

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