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  1. soso....wishin I had an Unle Jesse...lol yours?

  2. hey...ive had better days...you?

  3. hey i thoought youd be on msn today

  4. today has been challenging but Im good overall...an you?

  5. Kay,

    you have obviously not done any research for this latest story of yours. How can you write about something you don't know a thing about?! What websites have you gone to to learn that one bad seizure lasts 4 hours?! And what doctors told you that you turn a persons whole body to the side when they have seizures?! Ridiculous. Seizures and epilepsy are not things that you can just randomly write about and embelish to suit your needs in a story!!! If you MUST put Luke through things like that to get your angst jollies, then at least have the decensy to do some research so that you don't misrepresent the disorder! It is very offensive...especially given the fact that seizures and epilepsy are so misunderstood anyway. There is no excuse for it, except maybe laziness on your part.

    Also, Stop harassing me about when I will update my story!!! I'm flattered that people like it so much, but really...I just moved to another town...I work full time...I have a family...updating my story so that you have something to read for 5 minutes is NOT my first priority!!!!! I am very very tired of asking you to stop. It makes me not want to post anymore of the story period. If you do not stop hounding me about it, I will withdraw my story of ffnet and send it out only to those who respect me and my schedule.

    I have tried to be nice about these two things before, but I guess being nice just doesnt work with you, so now I am just flat out telling you...

    Stop Harassing Me!!!!

    Research BEFORE You write!!!

  6. I am not on yahoo right now,

  7. I will when I get to it yes...

  8. I dont think I said so before but welcome. Hope you enjoy hnet!

  9. hope you are enjoying hnet so far....welcome again!

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