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  1. One of the most enjoyable fanfics I've ever read in DOH fandom. Well written characters, good story line with a twist. The ending was beautiful! Thank you for choosing Hazzardnet to share your story with others. Happy writing =)
  2. "Gracee, what is that?" "Just a cucumber!" LOL =)
  3. Standoff Tuesday 9pm (est) - please check your local listings.
  4. Betsyrae, I enjoyed this alot. Thanks for posting and glad to read you have another story in the works. =)
  5. is now available on her site, located in Catherine's Corner/ The Catherine 12. =)
  6. http://www.dixiefilmfest.com/ Oooooooo =)
  7. I'm not. The owner/creator of that website is. You're welcome. =)
  8. and GA filming location tour. http://users.pandora.be/roadmaster/dukesofhazzard.htm Enjoy! =)