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  1. Hey, How you doin? I'm a friend of DaisyxEnos and just somehow noticed that you seem to have written a lot of shortstories and such and just wondered if you'd be interested in sharing them?

  2. Suicide is one of the worst deaths for those left behind. My thoughts will be with Cathy and her girls in the coming days and weeks.
  3. I don't know what happened or what might have been said to make you think you've made anybody mad, but I've never noticed anything that could be termed inappropriate or irritating from you. I hope this is just you having a moment of teenaged insecurity and not the result of somebody having said something mean to you. Take care, Mouse
  4. Loaded the rest of my pics to photobucket. Once you get to photobucket and search for vinsmouse in people, you'll see two of my albums. Click Cooter's place and once it's open, Loretta Lynn will be seen in the menu as an album choice. Click it and once it opens, Hot Springs will be seen in the menu. Cooters Place is the one in Gatlinburg. The Loretta Lynn pictures are from her museum, not allowed to take cameras inside. Hot Springs pictures are the few I took here at home, kept forgetting to take my camera with me, lol.
  5. Thanks. No, however, her drummer tried to stump the audience by asking the name of the episode in which Janie appeared? It didn't work, we all knew. Then the fact that she played a bank robber was mentioned.
  6. I'm horrible at getting pictures on forums, so I posted some Fan Fest pictures to photobucket. If you go to photobucket and search under people for vinsmouse you'll find me. They're in the Fan Fest album.
  7. We did have a blast, what gave it away? Will try to get pictures up.
  8. In Marie's Own Words Fan Fest 2009 For Fan Fest this year I decided I was not going to miss out on it just because I live in Sweden, so I dragged my friend and co-worker with me, and we picked up a couple of plane tickets. Only getting there tomorrow was a thrilll because of the fact that we were travelling 'Duke style'. What that meant was Duke t-shirt, cap and 01 belt buckle. Everywhere we went at the airports people was recognizing that, the custom guy was tickled half to death from it and took the oppertunity to tease his buddy about it. Once we were actually headed for the Fan Fest, Mouse were doing the driving while the two of us were able to enjoy ourselves quite a lot. The stop at the Loretta Lynn Museum was something extra right there and one heck of a sight to see. We arrived at the Fan Fest, passing a General Lee on the way there, turned in where we could see all the other General Lee cars, and then it was just to walk in through the gate and enter the paradise on earth. The first thing I did was to jump in line for Enos while Linda and Mouse went to Byron and Cooter. It was a long line and some people were wondering where I came from. They were no little surprised when they found out where I came from, and the fact that someone had gone from Sweden and there for it. Enos was amazing, that has to be the sweetest guy on earth and he made the whole trip worthwhile right there and then. When he found out that I was from Sweden, and only three weeks married he grabbed one of the largest photos he had, and personlized it to my husband and me as a wedding present. I could hardly believe that he would do something so sweet, but then again, that's Enos for you. Whilen I was there a photographer was taking pictures, and he took a couple of me with Sonny, in fact Sonny was telling him that I was newly married and all, and he was interested and took the pictures of me and Sonny. To my surprise one of them made the paper archive and was the first photo there. It's one heck of a thing to walk around the whole next few days and everywhere you go you run into pictures with yourself and Sonny. Mouse proved how nice she is and got me soda and slim jim for when I was in the line for Ben, the two of them already being done. I loved talking to Ben, he is such a nice 'good ol' boy' you just about can't believe it. He made me feel very welcome and once more it made the whole trip, hassle and expense worth it. I asked Cooter to sign my t-shirt, hadn't planned to do that but after Sonny was nice enough to do so, I decided to bug the others too. Linda and Mouse already had talked to Byron, so I got in his line by my own. He was amazing, smiling, laughing and joking with you. I told him that since I was from Sweden and all, he'd not get away without a hug and he proved the amazing humour he has when he declared I looked very 'hugable'. Since Enos and Cooter both kissed me, (Enos on the top of the head, Cooter on the cheek,) I told him he'd be getting one from me. Kissed him on the cheek and he just smiled and laughed. Poor lad had to find out just about how crazy I can be... We only had time for Rick and James Best too that day, they were both so nice. Rick gave me and Linda both a signed picture for a present, and well, I had to ask him if he wanted a regular hug or a 'Coy hug,' Told him that basically means a kiss on the cheek and that's what he chose. Smart fella. James Best has an amazing sense of humor, not only did he tell me that the small figure on the photo was the dog, but he also laugh when I declared it was a good thing he told me or I would have thought it was the other way around. He wanted to go with me back to Sweden, but there was the problem with only two plane tickets and well, he could not fit in the suitcase. His wife however had a hard time to stop herself laughing over the fact that I said 'I reckon'. We kinda joked between us that the 'crazy swede' would gain a rep, but people were calling out 'miss Swede' so we thought we just might have. During the concert they really encouraged the audience to show appreciation, and I reckon we were doing a good job of it, for we made it up on the big screen five times clapping hands and gennerally appreciationg the show, and it was one great show. The next day we went to the line for Catherine right away, and watched Dukes episodes on the big screen while we waited. We had joked that they would have been talking about the 'crazy swede' and they must have. Not only were the staff and some of the others calling out to us when we passed, but when I made it up to her table I only about had to say 'hello' and her assisatant reacted to us. "You are from Sweden...?" so I reckon they really had been talking about us... Well, Catherine had nothing against talking to us, so I guess Byron had nothing against the kiss.... *wink* Before we headed home we just had to go past Gatlinburg, and Cooter's place is something else. I got to ride the General Lee, (okay, go-cart, it was still the General... *wink* ) That was amazing, very amazing. Linda drove the Road Runner and I won. I passed her three times and she never passed me, so that means I won. In true Daisy spirit she stated she'd starch my underware for revenge, and in true Bo thinking, I told her how that was done. Not smart move, but maybe she will be nice.... *wink* We met some nice people there too, both fans and staff memebers that had recognzied us from the Fan Fest. Hopefully that will mean another couple of friendships that will make the next Fan Fest trip even more fun and memorable.
  9. The fanfest trip was great! My friends from Sweden, Marie and Linda, rode with me from Arkansas to Tennessee. The drive itself was long, but fun too. We made a few stops along the way, the best one being at Loretta Lynn's Museum. Arrived in Sevierville about 12:30 Friday night and didn't do much more than check into the motel and go to bed. Up bright and early the next day and off to Fanfest. It was great fun getting to meet all of the actors. Ben Jones was very nice, as I'm sure many of you already know. One of his people would take your picture with him, however, he not only did that but took shots while you were standing there talking to Ben, so we each ended up with 4-6 pictures with Ben. It was easy to see why so many people who have met Byron Cherry are impressed by him. It's a joy to spend even a few minutes with him, as you can tell he enjoys being at these events as much as we fans do. Got autographs, pictures with Byron and Marie gave him a kiss which he enjoyed. Byron told Marie that she looked very huggable, which gave Marie a bit of a thrill. Meeting Jimmie Best was a lot of fun. He has quite a good sense of humor. He told Marie that he would return to Sweden with her but his wife wouldn't like it and he wouldn't fit in the suitcase. Personally my favorite line of his was when he said he liked older women but there weren't any left. His wife Dorothy got very tickled by Marie when she was standing in line and asked..."I reckon he won't sign my shirt if I'm wearing it?" Dorothy was telling both Jimmie and Scott about this Swedish girl saying "I reckon." Put a smile on Marie's face to think that she had tickled Dorothy so much. Got to meet Scott too, that was nice. He's good people. Met Rick and Sonny as well. Meeting Sonny was one of the highlights of the weekend for Marie. After learning that she had recently gotten married, Sonny presented her with a personalized picture(one of the large ones) as a wedding present. While she was talking to Sonny a local photographer snapped her picture and she made the Knoxville newspaper's web gallery of the event. Not only that, but it's the lead picture...It can be found at the Knoxville News Sentinel's online gallery page. Saturday night we enjoyed the concert. While we were disappointed that Merle Haggard had to cancel, we still got a hell of a show. Country Tonight put on a fun show, followed by Cooter's Garage Band. Ben puts on a real good show too, in spite of the pain he must still be in from his back surgery. The concert ended with Janie Fricke who also put on a very good show. Lots of good songs, some old, some new and she encouraged the audience to become involved in the performance. Marie and Linda enjoyed that as well, along with getting on the big screen 5 and a half times(just their hands that time). Always cool to see yourself on t.v. The next highlight was on Sunday when we got to meet Catherine. Arriving at the head of the line, Marie opened her mouth to speak and Cathy's assistant reacted with..."You are from Sweden!" Guess they were talking about her the night before. *wink* Even some of the other fans were calling out to her, giving her the name Miss Swede. When we left fanfest we headed to Gatlinburg and Cooter's place, where Marie got her third highlight of the trip. She got to drive the General Lee in a race, which of course she won. it was a go-cart, but it was still the General. Met a few fans in Gatlinburg along with one of the guys that work for Ben Jones. Got contact information from those we met, so maybe some new friendships will form. In the next post I'll put up Marie's story in her own words.
  10. Well kid I'm gonna take off for the night. It was nice talking to you.

  11. lol i know, i love all three of em

  12. LOL. That can be difficult.