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  1. Hey, How you doin? I'm a friend of DaisyxEnos and just somehow noticed that you seem to have written a lot of shortstories and such and just wondered if you'd be interested in sharing them?

  2. Suicide is one of the worst deaths for those left behind. My thoughts will be with Cathy and her girls in the coming days and weeks.
  3. I don't know what happened or what might have been said to make you think you've made anybody mad, but I've never noticed anything that could be termed inappropriate or irritating from you. I hope this is just you having a moment of teenaged insecurity and not the result of somebody having said something mean to you. Take care, Mouse
  4. Loaded the rest of my pics to photobucket. Once you get to photobucket and search for vinsmouse in people, you'll see two of my albums. Click Cooter's place and once it's open, Loretta Lynn will be seen in the menu as an album choice. Click it and once it opens, Hot Springs will be seen in the menu. Cooters Place is the one in Gatlinburg. The Loretta Lynn pictures are from her museum, not allowed to take cameras inside. Hot Springs pictures are the few I took here at home, kept forgetting to take my camera with me, lol.
  5. Thanks. No, however, her drummer tried to stump the audience by asking the name of the episode in which Janie appeared? It didn't work, we all knew. Then the fact that she played a bank robber was mentioned.
  6. I'm horrible at getting pictures on forums, so I posted some Fan Fest pictures to photobucket. If you go to photobucket and search under people for vinsmouse you'll find me. They're in the Fan Fest album.
  7. We did have a blast, what gave it away? Will try to get pictures up.
  8. In Marie's Own Words Fan Fest 2009 For Fan Fest this year I decided I was not going to miss out on it just because I live in Sweden, so I dragged my friend and co-worker with me, and we picked up a couple of plane tickets. Only getting there tomorrow was a thrilll because of the fact that we were travelling 'Duke style'. What that meant was Duke t-shirt, cap and 01 belt buckle. Everywhere we went at the airports people was recognizing that, the custom guy was tickled half to death from it and took the oppertunity to tease his buddy about it. Once we were actually headed for the Fan Fest, Mou
  9. The fanfest trip was great! My friends from Sweden, Marie and Linda, rode with me from Arkansas to Tennessee. The drive itself was long, but fun too. We made a few stops along the way, the best one being at Loretta Lynn's Museum. Arrived in Sevierville about 12:30 Friday night and didn't do much more than check into the motel and go to bed. Up bright and early the next day and off to Fanfest. It was great fun getting to meet all of the actors. Ben Jones was very nice, as I'm sure many of you already know. One of his people would take your picture with him, however, he not only did t
  10. Well kid I'm gonna take off for the night. It was nice talking to you.

  11. lol i know, i love all three of em

  12. LOL. That can be difficult.

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