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  1. Na the car in the Museum is in Tenn still at that place but mine is all snug in my garage here in NJ awaiting spring & I am chomping at the bit to add the new things I bought to ad to the car!
  2. no the car is in Tenn & I'm in NJ with my car all snug inside the garage LOL. Heres a shot of mine back in Oct this past year:
  3. NA that car has an orange butt. they never painted the rear black & it is a big block Im a small block (for now) Heres mine
  4. Yes I have been there in fact there is a classic cars of the stars or somethin car museum up the street from there. Cooters was great the town is awesome & the museum is fantastic. Much more open & larger than Sperryville BUT Sperryville had L A N D oh did it have land! Heres Cooters tow truck there: his General out front the truck & a cop car there Here is the Lee wanna be in the museum I also have alot from inside the museum if ya want I can post also, LMK
  5. I have a buddy that has been wanting to send Peggy an 8X10 to have it igned. Does anyone have a way of contacting her? Just a shot in the dark but maybe someone does. Thanks Tom
  6. Dukefan1, Hang in there it'll happen with patience & persistence oh & mostly luck. I am sure peopl ehave the wildest stories on just how they located their Charger. Just start a thread & ask & I'm sure you'll be amazed at some of them. Dukefan, You & I are right at he same age almost & I JUST decided to make a General. I helped friends make'em & drove in them never really lettin on just how much fun I was having because he was buying, makin & sellin them. I have had at least one Charger at all times in my life since 1984 & in fact still have my 1st Charger
  7. BoJames LOL I actually pulled the pic back & cropped the crud out of it LOL.....For those in the know you can imagine who it was! I seriously doubt he got it because the steeple was JUST added recently but from waht I have heard I wouldnt put it past him. Yes the farmhouse is barely standing, rumors floated round it too was going to be restored but that turned out to be false. It is in sad sad shape for sure!
  8. I have more I'll post later on gotta run
  9. Here are a few shos froma trip I took down in 2007: John Schneider walking round the Boars Nest lot.
  10. I feel bad for you guys because ......well I see dukefan is 23 & I'm not sure about dukefan1 but thinking around the samne age? If not I'm sorry for my guessin BUT the reason I feel bad is because.....GONE! are the days of finding & buying these cars for $300 to $800 still runnin in backyards. I grabbed mine for $1500.00 runnin but ugly & I thought at the time that-that was high! I look back & say to my self thank goodness I bought it. I payed the guy in payments because I had other obligations at the time but had BIG plans with this car (as you all seen lol). However the car
  11. You rock MeadowMufn It allows me now! Thank you for your help YOU ROCK!!!!!
  12. Yea, a group I know went recently & checked locals & saw it just a few wks ago. Its progress and all but I still think it kinda sucks a lil ya know?
  13. Here is the Montage link of my General going through the process of becomign a General. Oh by the way go get something to eat or drink or go to the bathroom because it's about 16 minutes LOL. Heres to hoping it works & that you enjoy. Tom (ps the music gets better had to find 3 songs that lasted 16 minutes!) http://www.onetruemedia.com/my_shared?z=ff6cb7fb2aff85e6f83be&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url
  14. It may be but beside the headlights dukefan1 I have a radio that cuts out when the RPM's get to high & a studder start meaning I go to start the car & I get nuttin but then I (GET THIS) I wiggle the drivers seat & bam it starts so I got a short there somehow too. I think the guy who installed the headliner shorted out my interior light or maybe its Gremlins? Im in NJ so its cold now & the car is sittin in the garage. I have been collecting parts to put in/on it & this far I have sittin here awaiting application: an aluminum radiator rear bumperettes engine wiring harness f
  15. Wow I mean well WOW thats so very cool to hear that you or anyone else would take the time to view all the shots & steps & process from A-Z like that. I loved doing it & I have to be honest I am no done yet but honestly I am kinda sad it's mostly over ya know? Weird I know but true. The car is a BLAST 100% to take out. I find myself looking at the weather and whenever its lookin good Away I GO! lol. I will see if I can get the onemedia.com montage I did up on here somehow. I has no words but music & it goes through the pictures for you. Again Dukefan thanks for the praise it's
  16. Is anyone else aware that they have now added a steeple to the Boars nest in GA.? Sad but true.
  17. Never saw that page but when I clicked your link I got You do not have permission for this action!
  18. personally I just gave up on it................
  19. Nice to ad a face to the name! Happy Holidays!
  20. ok Julie I think I am getting the hang of this after studying it a LOOOONG

    while LOL! guess we'll see

  21. man I am bad about checking these messages LOL!

  22. Roger I know it sure does look like he is on the roof LOL! In this one it looks like the Phanatic is lookin down on the car too look!
  23. lol here ya go MaryAnne , they moved the statue over to the side
  24. Shot from NJ with Phila skyline in the background Ben Franklin Bridge Art Museum (yes the one Rocky ran up) Independence Hall
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