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  1. hey nothing much, just celebrated my birthday

  2. LOL awwww thank ya cousin

  3. Hey! Its been a while since I seen you on here! How you doin?!

  4. You coming to do my trivia James?

  5. Welcome to Hnet cousin! :D

  6. No, wasn't planning on it

  7. lol ok Roger here's what we've agreed to do. I have a 40 question quiz. That night I only did ten and for the next 3 weeks gonna do another 10. I'll message you with the first 10 questions we did and you mail me back with the answers - NO cheating and looking at the DVD's ok? lol. Next round will be Saturday so you need to get your answers to me before then :)

  8. Merry Christmas Roger!!! :D

  9. No...I live in England I dont think we have that over here.

  10. lol very true, if it were we'd all be in big trouble

  11. Hey! Nothing much really, how bout you?

  12. lol nope I have no idea what the movie is lol

  13. Hey there, yes it is our beloved John lol. His hair's brown not black, he is a natural brunette...or rather that's what I think anyway seeing as I got a picture of him when he was a kid with brown hair and the fact his hair changes so many different shades of blonde during Dukes and Smallville lol. Its a scene from a movie I havent seen so I dont know who the kid is

  14. Rosco its not my birthday, why d\\\'you keep giving me confetti? *rips it up again and throws it*

  15. :o Look confetti!! *rips up the ticket and throws in the air* Pretty!
  16. There\'s nothing you can do? :( Awwww...what could have gone wrong do you have any idea? I\'ve checked everything I can and there\'s just no reasoning behind this happening at all...its so weird :( It all started when my family changed over from AOL to AOL Talk Talk and we got a new router...awww man this sucks!!

  17. Hey MaryAnne, i\'m posting but using a proxy server which is damn annoying. It worked one day and I didnt change a thing on this end then the next day it just didnt and hasn\'t today either. I hope this gets sorted soon....I miss going on the chat and things!! :(

  18. Sorry but I havent read Dear Diary so I'm not that interested in how it ended cause I wouldn't understand what was going on anyway lol. As for your new one, I dont quite understand what you mean by could cover fours as well, I think you meant yours. And if that's the case, no thanks. Please dont use the characters me and Daisy are creating as we are working on them to possibly be characters for our new stories on fan fiction.net. Good luck with the new story.

  19. No thanks :) I'm sure you'll be able to do it just fine.

  20. Awww that's a shame. Good on you for starting it though.

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