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  1. MaryAnne-- EWWW a purple General Lee... that's sacrilege! LOL... It'd have to be renamed The General Grape! ROFLMAO!! Or the General might have to be turned into a girl! I can hear Bo and Luke now...come on let's climb into Southern Belle! Doesnt quite have the same ring to it, does it? Let's keep the General Kee's paint just the way it is thank you very much! LOL Jax
  2. BL-- I know at one point Jesse calls her R Huntley...it does sound like he calls her Laura and just to be sure I turned on the ol' trusty closed captioning and he calls her R Huntley. Don't know why he calls her that but he does LOL... Jax
  3. Hey Gang! Here are the answers to the Daisy's Song Trivia questions: 1. He was fixing the roof. 2. He threw a tape at the boys. 3. Jessie Colter 4. A lighted stick of dynamite 5. Lester Star Publishing 6. .44 Magnum 7. She was humming and filing her nails 8. The red ball, number 3. Well...onto to our next set of questions from episode #3, Mary Kaye's Baby! All you trivia hounds try these! Mary Kaye’s Baby: 1. What is in the back seat? 2. Whose car is it? 3. Where is Mary Kaye headed? 4. Who does Luke hit with an egg? 5. Where was Enos parked at the start of the chase? 6. What amount did Mary Kaye have with her? 7. How much did the Duke boys give her? 8. What colors are in the quilt that is covering Mary Kaye? Good Luck all you DOH trivia hounds!! Now to answer the question asked by BL Davenport, the name of the agent was Roxanne Huntley. Hey that's my next episode! LOL High Octane! Jax
  4. A note to my report!! The Tennessean reports there were 60 thousand Dukes fans at the event! Heres the article link: http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070602/ENTERTAINMENT07/106020001 Jax
  5. Hey Everyone!! Just got back from Dukesfest!! Man what a show! As Brian said, things were a lot less hectic. I'm not sure if it was the gas prices, the lack of promotion of the absence of Tom Wopat that made the difference but there was one. My friends and I got to the fairgrounds early, and we were one of among the first couple of dozen people to see John. We also went and rode in the General Lee! Then on Sunday we all stood in line and were among the first to see ol' Enos himself! Both John and Sonny were awesome and so friendly!! We did hear some great music, country, some rock...There was a performance by Tommy Jennings, Waylon's brother on Saturday and on Sunday the original Waylors performed the tribute to Waylon. The other entertainment they had was BMX stunt bikes, wrestling and archery demonstrations. This year there was a lot more merchandise, a lot of smaller items such as frisbees, fuzzy Confederate dice, bumper stickers that procclaim, My other car is the General Lee! You bet I got that one! LOL. There were also a lot more variety of t-shirts, not just the 2007 Dukesfest ones. Naturally there were videos of the seasons, 2006 Dukesfest, 2005 Dukesfest and some of Waylon as well. This year also there were a few merchandise tents that were set up in the Radisson Hotel parking lot and one outside of Cooter's directly, to help keep the store from getting overloaded. There were also many merchandise tents all over the fairgrounds and also the cast members had their own tents as well. You could buy a pair of Cathy Bach's new line of Daisy Dukes that she gave a preview for at Dukesfest, John's movie Collier & Co, all copies were autographed by him and posters were available as well, and also a genuine James Best DOH painting! A ton of souveniers to suit every taste! WHEW! LOL A lot went on in two days! There were a few minor snafus in Nashville, got a little lost now and then but overall it was good. There were a few missing components to this weekend...components that were sorely missed (you know who you are ) ...but as the old saying goes... There's always next year! If anyone is interested in next year, allow me to give you some advice: 1. GET UP EARLY AND GET DOWN TO THE FAIRGROUNDS!! 2. Those 10 buck fold up camping chairs are well worth the investment for those long lines. 3. Sunscreen and umbrells are your friends! (Yes we got rained on and did get sunburned in the places I missed with the sunscreen ! LOL) 4. If you can, pack a cheap cooler with lots of water! You'll need it and its cheaper than paying 2-3 bucks a bottle there at the fair! All in all a great time had by all! Jax
  6. Roger-- Mel Tillis did appear in a second DOH Episode in which he did sing a song...Waylon was even stuttering a little in his commentary LOL... Jax
  7. Roger--- It was Enos that mentioned the Dukes being Methodist LOL... Julie-- The Pitchfork Picasso is Artie Bender...all this paintings were done by none other than Rosco himself! The man is a pretty talented artist! Jax
  8. Roger--- Enos saw a flying saucer in Skunk Hollow.. And as for the Dukes being Methodist...thanks to your clues I was able to open my database and narrow all that info down! Man I need to make a new one! LOL You might need to check your sources...Jude Emery has a blooper of Daisy talking without moving her mouth but Cletus isnt in that episode... Jax
  9. Roger-- My Dukes database of questions is pretty big! Can you narrow it down, at least by season? I have them organized by season LOL... Jax
  10. Tim-- Excellent shows! I love Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted...Supernatural!! Do you see a pattern here?? LOL Jax
  11. MaryAnne--- WOW!! Holy Rusted Metal Batman!!! You got 7 out of 8!! *hearty applause, standing ovation, mucho cheering" Awesome Job!!! . The last one about the pool ball is the only one you didnt get. Care to venture another guess? Anyone else want to try for it! Jax
  12. Roger--- Thank you very much! ...To answer you, the sign changed from Axtell to Hogg in the second season and its been Hogg ever since! (At least for the next 5 seasons LOL). We first meet Cletus Hogg in Money to Burn, Season 1. He helped his cousin Boss frame the boys for an armored truck robbery. One of only two episodes where the boys are in tuxs and dont they look good! Jax
  13. PS!! LOL Sorry I forgot to answer you! RogerDuke, the Hotchkiss Funeral Home is on Riskin Ave! Address is 102 Riskin Ave! Jax
  14. Hey Gang! Last week I asked you all some trivia. Some of you tried to answer as many as you could. I thank you for that! But as promised here are the answers: 1. Cooter 2. The junk yard 3. Honest John Ledbetter 4. Luke was using them to line the rabbit cages, face up 5. Hazel 6. The Interchange, 76 South, and 421 7. The right side. 8. It’s blue with sailboats on it And now this week's trivia for the next episode, Daisy's Song: 1. What was Jesse doing when the boys were practicing their archery? 2. What did Lester Star give the boys when the police raided? 3. Who was singing Daisy’s song on the radio? 4. What did Bo hand Rosco when he catches them in Daisy’s car? 5. What was the publishing company Daisy sent her song to? 6. What type of guns did Jojo show the boys? 7. What were the two things Daisy was doing in the General when the raid broke out? 8. What color and number is the pool ball that Boss uses for a nutcracker? Good Luck!! Jax
  15. MeadowMufn-- Great news about post # 700! Thats a lot of posts and of course you'd be able to answer any question regarding Rosco LOL Jax
  16. WHOO HOO!!! *hearty applause* You're right MeadowMufn!! Congratulations! yeah Mama Coltrane was going to throw herself off a building... even at 48 Rosco was just a boy and too young to get married LOL... Jax
  17. Daney--- The only two roads into Chickasaw County are Highways 3 and 16...They are mentioned by Luke in my all time favorite episode, My Son Bo Hogg...and if you don't believe that you can also see the road sign for 3 in the episode itself... Jax
  18. Roger--- The General Lee got pained green in Southern Cumforts...Looked like a big celery stalk! LOL...Looks better in the orange! Jax
  19. Roger--- Besides being Post Mistress, Miz Tisdale ran the Hazzard Cab Company. And to answer your second question its ol' as in Good Ol' Boy! Denver was born May 11th and died Christmas of 1997. Hope this helps! Jax
  20. Hi General Lee--- Well you are very close to getting them all correct! My congrats! But I do need the specific routes that Bo and Lukes buddies were staked out on and I'm afraid the design on Daisy's bag is incorrect! I'm sorry...go ahead and try again! Jax
  21. HI Eleonora, Well so far your answers are right! Congrats! But what about the rest of the questions? Going to take a shot at them? Anyone else out there know the answers? LOL Jax
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