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  1. Hey all you Trivia Hounds!! Dont forget tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern time and 5 PM Pacific time is another round of Saturday night Dukes of Hazzard Trivia!!! See you all there! Jax
  2. Hey All you Trivia Hounds!!! This is a reminder that our 3rd Trivia night will be tomorrow night at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific time!!! See you all there for another great Saturday night of Trivia!! Jax
  3. REMINDER GANG!!! Trivia Night will be tonight at 8 PM Eastern time, 5 PM Pacific time in the Hnet chat room!! See all you trivia hounds tonight!! Jax
  4. I'd like to say a great big THANK YOU!! To everyone that made Trivia Night a great, fun night! We will do it again on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it!! Thanks again everyone!! And I'll see you all soon!! Jax
  5. Hey Everyone!! Dont forget tonight is the first night of the trivia!!! Tonight at 8 Eastern, 5 Pacific time in the Hnet chat room!!! These chats will be happening every Saturday!! See all you trivia hounds tonight!! Jax
  6. Hey Everyone!! As MeadowMufn said, there will be trivia chats starting this Saturday at 8 PM Eastern/5 pm Pacific...now I will be in charge of these weekly chats and with this in mind here are the rules! 1. All answers will be sent to me PM, just like you did with the Xmas carols. 2. All questions will be worth one point, however there will be bonus questions at the end of the night worth more! 3. This is the honor system folks, please no sharing of information or conferencing for the correct answers! 4. The scores will be kept track of by me every week and at the end of the year there will be a "Tournament of Trivia Champions!" I will let the finalists know via email or PM! 5. There will be prizes for the winners of the trivia that night! *** PLEASE BE AWARE, that these rules are subject to change by either myself or any of the Hnet Moderators! Any change to these rules will be posted with plenty of notice!**** Thank you! I look forward to our first Trivia Night Chat, this Saturday, 1-3 at 8 Eastern, 5 pm Pacific!! Trivia Grand Master, Jax
  7. WOW Roger! You got all of them right!!! Congratulations!! It was fun coming up with the tougher questions, I could make more but I think I'll save those for Christmas trivia next year! Jax
  8. Okay Everyone!! I have whole new questions for the "Great Santa Claus Chase" episode. These are hard and harder and hardest questions! LOL... So let the trivia begin!! 1. What is the license plate number of the hijacked truck? 2. Where was the Christmas tree farm located? 3. What does Cletus have for lunch? 4. What time does Boss Hogg take his nap? 5. Does the Boars Nest have a no smoking policy? 6. Name the pie maker that Rosco runs into it. 7. Who actually dropped the smoke bomb into the bank? 8. Name Santa Bo's, Santa Luke's and Santa Cooter's CB handles. Goood Luck with these everyone!!!! I'll post the answers in a day or so! Jax
  9. WOW!! BoJames that is absolutely, 100% correct! All 7 of them!! *Standing ovation* in fact you did so well youre challenging me to make more that are from that episode that are even tougher!! Again way to go!! Give me about an hour or less to post the tougher questions! Jax
  10. Hey Gang!! In the spirit of Christmas Ive got some "Great Santa Claus Chase" trivia of my own!!! There are questions from three categories: Easy, Medium, Hard and Megahard! So here we go! 1. What color did the hijackers paint the truck they stole from Bo and Luke? 2. What did Luke tie around the tree he chose for Uncle Jesse? 3. Where did the bad guys put Daisy and Jesse when they robbed the Boars Nest? 4. What song did the choir sing that Jesse conducted? 5. How many smoke bombs did the boys drop into Boss' bank? 6. What was the name of the magazine Bo was reading when the boys got hijacked? 7. Who topped on the Duke family Christmas tree? Good Luck!! I will post the answers in a day or two!! Jax
  11. Roger-- Dont think they ever mentioned a basement, but I do recall the mentioning of a root cellar. Thats not really the same thing though, is it?
  12. Great questions Roger!! But may I add another a couple other tough ones to the post? What does Bo get knocked out with? How many silver bars did the thieves make? Good Luck Everyone!! Jax
  13. Hey Roger! Actually no, Im sorry... The blooper is that in the very beginning of the episode, Bo is driving, but then when Hughie starts smacking into them, Luke is driving! . And the answers are that yes Hughie was disguised as an old man, he hit the passenger side of the General Lee with his RV and Luke hates to swim! You and BL were close though, you got two out of three right so congratulations! Stay tuned for more trivia! Jax
  14. Hi Gang! Speaking of Hughie Hogg Stirkes Again, I have a couple of questions! 1. What was Hughie disguised as when he first came back to town? 2. Which side of the General Lee got hit by Hughie? True or False... Luke Duke loves to swim. Good Luck everyone!! Jax PS. Here is a challenging question! Can anyone name a big blooper that happened in this episode??
  15. Youre right BL! And since Roger already had mentioned it in an earlier post, you all got a freebie!! But heres another question associated with it... name at least one episode where Hogg's Heavenly Acres is featured!! Good Luck!! Jax
  16. Roger-- Id be happy to lend a hand with the triva! Jax In fact lets start right now! Since someone mentioned Hogg's Heavenly Acres, what was that?
  17. Aww Roger, Im always around! LOL So dont think that just because I dont post that often, that Ive abandoned you because I havent! Your question was a good one, it just had more than one answer, and believe me a lot of trivia is like that so... no worries! Min
  18. Hey Gang how about some more Robot P Coltrane trivia?? What was Rosco's drink of choice at the Boars Nest? What did the robot do to Rosco's tie? Where did Boss get his vault from? What was Bo snacking on in the cabin? Good Luck Everyone! Jax
  19. Hey Roger-- Yeah I noticed too we've hit over a 100 pages and that is pretty surprising to me too! The Dukes trivia has always been a hobby of mine and it's been a blast and I too want to thank both you and Nel for starting this thread and for everyone whos played! We're in Season 6 now for trivia, but dont worry everyone, I've got reunion movie trivia too! So the trivia is never ever gonna end! Thank you all so much! Jax
  20. These are from Episode number 1 in Season 6, Lulu's Gone Away. 1. Who picked up Lulu after her car broke down? 2. Who was the dinner guest that night at the Hogg house? 3. How much does Boss say he gives Lulu for spending money? I'll have some tougher ones posted in a couple of days! Good Luck Everyone! Jax Hi Gang! Its answer time again!! 1. Bo and Luke 2. Rosco 3. Boss gives Lulu $25.00 a week expense money! Thank you all for playing and heres the next set of questions! This is from A Baby For the Dukes! 1. Where did the Dukes find Jamie? 2. What is the name of Jamie's mother? 3. What does Boss replace the patrol cars with? Good Luck Everyone! Jax
  21. Heres a few from Daisy's Shotgun Wedding! 1. What does Daisy do to take care of herself at the Boars Nest? 2. Who pulls the shade down off the window? 3. What state does Daisy get taken to? 4. What game does Luke play when he can't sleep? Good Luck everyone!!! Jax Hey Gang! Its answer time!! 1. She smashes the beer mug over someone's head. 2. Luke pulls the shade off the window. I love that part because Bo says that thats something he would have done LOL! 3. She gets taken to Tennessee 4. Solitaire Congrats to all of you that played, you all got quite a few right! Ready for more?? These are from Episode number 1 in Season 6, Lulu's Gone Away. 1. Who picked up Lulu after her car broke down? 2. Who was the dinner guest that night at the Hogg house? 3. How much does Boss say he gives Lulu for spending money? I'll have some tougher ones posted in a couple of days! Good Luck Everyone! Jax
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