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  1. Count me in too! I'll dust off my dance hall girl outfit! Say Brian, remember the last time we went upstairs? *grins* there was dust falling in everyone's beers. Mmmmm the memories of that, since the story is starting back up again, maybe we can meet up again. *wink*
  2. As a Titanic historian since I was 12, I'm well aware of how special today is. By now all of the survivors were rescued and the shock and disbelief of the sinking is spreading all over the world. To those over 1500 souls that died, may you rest in peace...
  3. I havent posted a new picture in awhile so I think its time! Ethan will be 7 months old on Saturday!
  4. PS! Ethan sends everyone a big kiss! *KISS*
  5. Hey Gang! Thank you for all the congrats and the well wishes...I really appreciate everyone who has offered such wonderful support! You all are the best! Jax
  6. Hi Gang! Id like to introduce you all to a future Dukes of Hazzard Fan! This is Ethan, my week old son!
  7. Thanks Roger! I find out tomorrow if its a little boy or girl. And yes I do know that April is more than 4 months, but this is my 5th month. Though the doctor told me April 7th which is 40 weeks... course shes not sure Ill make it that long! Jax
  8. Hey Gang! Good luck to you all fighting the battle of the bulge...unfortunately as for me...Im going to have a waist expanding condition for a total of 4 more months, after April 7th when my child is born, then Ill be able to post here about battling the bulge! My kudos to all of you dieters, remember exercise is the key and youll do fine! Jax
  9. Speaking of trivia nights... tomorrow's trivia is being cancelled due to going out of town for wedding anniversary! See you all next week! Jax
  10. Hi Everyone! The trivia chat is being cancelled for tomorrow night. I do apologize but something has come up. So I will see you all next Saturday! Jax
  11. Hi Everyone! Tonight's trivia chat is being cancelled. I do apologize but something has come up and I need to cancel the trivia for tonight. So I will see you all next Saturday! Jax
  12. First off, I do owe an apology to my trivia players for last night's technical difficulties! I'm sorry gang! Last night I asked this meghard question: From Season 3, Duke VS. Duke, What was Luke doing when Cooter called in about that old lady stealing his car for the big race? Now...at that moment as I was about to answer it, my server with the trivia questions and answers crashed for the second time and it took my computer guru geek husband to fix it a few hours later, so trivia night ended rather abruptly thanks to technical difficulties! Again I'm sorry about that! The good news is however, is I did get it fixed and I was able to find verify the answer... I said to all the players that I thought the answer was that Luke was chopping wood, but again it was the verification that I couldnt confirm... Yes Luke was chopping wood gang, it was BO that was tuning the General Lee, but see I asked what Luke was doing! See you all next Saturday for more trivia!! Jax
  13. Awesome Jimmie! Thanks! I look forward to playing with you again!
  14. I havent gotten any word about Jimmie coming again to the trivia chat...
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