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  1. So one day Courtney plans to throw Jessica Mae Parker out of the relationship with Bo. She thinks about hitting her on the head with a garden shovel! "Look Jessie! Bo is the boy of *MY* dreams, it's unexeptable for you (a different girl than me) to have him!" Courtney says to her
  2. So Courtney Whacks Jessica Mae Parker and knocks her out! "Hey Jessie! It's very unacceptable that your in a relationship with Bo! He's the boy who *I* desire! One day you're going to go down!"
  3. Courtney: Jessie, it's very unexceptable for you to be in a relationship with Bo! He's *MY* desire and I think it's a bad thing that a different girl than me has him. You should be dead!
  4. I hate it! *I* should be the girl who has Bo for the lover Jessi in this story should be knocked out
  5. *One day a girl named Courtney comes along and she has a thing for Bo and she's mad and upset that Jessi has all the luck with him that she does a punishment to Jessi for being in a relationship with him by huting/harming her*
  6. What was Jeb Stuart Duke's real life name?
  7. The one where Melinda Naud plays this bad girl name Alabama
  8. Which eps? And what did he play? My mom and dad used to watch that show alot
  9. Of course I know the actress twins name and I know that they were in Arrest Jesse Duke.
  10. I can see, that one girl acted like she liked Bo but she was only playing him for a fool, right?
  11. What season is the episode "Twin Trouble"?
  12. Bo keeps climbing higher and higher on the big oak tree as he climbs he looks for clues and signs, but there is nothing unusual about this big tree. Bo calls down on Courtney "Do you see anything yet?" Courtney turns and goes back to the base of the tree and calls up "You be careful, honey! I haven't found anything down here." Bo takes one last look around from up high and starts retreating from the top of the tree and carefully climbs down the tree.
  13. They get up the hill & where there's a big tree & try to find some clues & look around. But there doesn't seem to be anything unusual. Bo tries to climb the tree & tries to look for something unusual & Courtney gives him a boost grabbing and squeezing his butt. Bo managed to get up to the first limb & begins climbing & looking for clues. Courtney begins hollering "Be careful, honey! Don't fall!" "Don't worry!" Bo calls back. "See if you can find something on the ground!" "Okay, honey!" she said "Be careful. If you fall out of that tree it'll be a long time before the ambulance gets here." Courtney starts looking around the tree and the underbrush that's under the tree.
  14. As they walk up the hill they climb their way up the hill up towards the tree. They just can't wait to get up there.
  15. So there they were standing in the meadow where the buck had been. Bo said to Courtney "There is something familiar about this place!" As he gazed around at the hillsides. Then Bo asked Courtney to give him the map one more time. As he unfolded the map & looked at it he said "That's what's so familiar" Bo held the map up to the sunlight and said "Look here, Courtney, if you look at the back from the map, you can still see the deer that marks the spot where we're standing & you can see that there's another map on the other side. There's not much drawn there set for a trace outline for those hills over yonder!" Bo held up the paper and turned until he matched the horizen to the line drawn on the map. Bo says "See look here Courtney, it matches perfectly!" As he holds the map at arms length. Courtney steps in front of Bo and ducks into his arms & says you're right. it does match the horizen!" And look that dark line on the map. matches the great big tree standing on the horizen Bo says "Do you think that's a coincidence?" Courtney says "No way! Nothing has been coincidence so far! Let's go see what that big oak tree has to offer us. Bo & Courtney head off arm and arm filled with the anticipation of finding treasure.
  16. Where Bo and Luke are in an airplane and Bo is looking out the window on the plane and says how small things are looking down from a plane?
  17. Bo said "Come on let's go!" As he started down the same path where the deer had gone many times before. The path was clearly worn into the underbrush. It was easy for Bo to follow although sometimes Courtney and Bo had to get on their hands and knees to get through the underbrush. They went for 100 yards or more. When Bo said "Oh there's a clearing ahead!" as they walked a little further they came to a large meadow "Look Courtney!" Bo said, "If that's the darnest thing, that old buck is just standing right there in the open." "Isn't he beautiful?" said Courtney. "He sure is but it's just not like an old smart buck to stand on the open like that. Bucks that do that don't get to be old, if you get my drift." Bo remarked, "It's just not natural. Let's me see that map,one more time." Courtney reached into her pocket and handed the map to Bo. "Well I'll be" said Bo "This here meadow that we're a standing in is on the map." "Let me see" says Courtney "You're right,Bo!" And not only is it on the map but it looks to me like there's a set of antlers drawn in here in the middle of the meadow" "That's kind of spooky!" says Bo. Courtney & Bo looked back to where the old buck was standing only to discover that the buck was gone Courtney grabbed Bo's arm & hugged to her chest & said " I don't know about you Bo but I just got chills down my spine" "Me too" says Bo,"Let's go have a look where that buck was standing" Bo and Courtney began walking across the meadow through the high grass. It was clear where the buck had gone. As they followed the buck's trail Bo and Courtney kept a sharp eye for any signs of that old buck Bo wondered to himself "If the deer had just laid down or had he run off while he and Courtney we're looking at the map. One thing was sure the buck was there one moment & gone the next. Now Bo was a very good tracker as were all the Dukes and he was sure he would find where that buck had stopped to look back at him and Courtney
  18. They go over to the big stump. As they fight their way through the tangle of underbrush they lose site of the tree stump. Courtney says to Bo "I can't believe this brush is so thick. That tree trunk is so large & yet from down here on the ground, it just disappeared!" "Don't worry,honey, I'll be able to find any old path!" replies Bo. Courtney says "I'm not worried, I know you'll find the way!" Courtney follows Bo through a tangle of branches that are so thick that sometimes she even loses site of Bo, even though he's only a few feet in front of her they press on getting scratched and poked for what seems to be much further than it should be.Courtney says "Bo are we lost?" To which Bo replies "Don't worry, babe, I found the stump but I don't know if we'll ever be able to ever find some old trail." No sooner do those words leave Bo's mouth, then up jumps a large buck & runs through the brush. Bo turns to Courtney & says "There's our trail, that old buck has just shown us the way!" Courtney grabs the opportunity to give Bo a quick pinch on the butt and says "Let's go,baby cakes! I'm following you!"
  19. So Bo says "I'll bet the person who cut these trees down has something to do with this treasure map, that someone didn't want these trees to be found. Let's have another look at the map." Bo says to Courtney. The map shows a trail heading west from the base of the largest tree. "That tree over there looks like the largest tree stump to me." said Courtney pointing to a stump about 15 feet away. "Let's go take a look" the Bo jumped down then reached back to help Courtney. Courtney jumped back into Bo's arms & felt the strength of his muscles. Then she couldn't help herself but she had to kiss him on the lips. It was a wonderful sensation as she kissed his soft tender lips & felt his hard strong arms.
  20. There's Courtney standing on the stump, Bo rushes over. He says "Look at the size of these trees, they are enormous!" There the trees lied there on the hillside, where they fell after being cut. Bo looked down at the stumps and saw that they were neatly cut by a chainsaw. Courtney looks at Bo saying "Why would someone cut such beautiful trees!" Bo said "Well it wasn't for the lumber by the look of these things I'd reckon these trees were cut in the last 10 year. I guess that's another mystery we'll have to solve later, but I think it has something to do with this treasure map!"
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